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May 7, 2012

Local store offers “down home” service

Dear Editor,

I want to recognize Mark's Country Store as such a great attribute to our town of Granite Falls, due to both Mark and his father Steve.

They are so very honest, personable, kind and go the extra length to make sure anyone who walks into their store is helped to their fullest ability.

It is very refreshing to find such "down home" personalities but is very appropriate and comforting to know we have this in our wonderful little town of Granite Falls.

Sharon Dahl

Granite Falls

Increasing taxes won’t fix spending problem

Dear Editor,

As the Presidential campaign begins to ramp up with Rick Santorum now leaving the race, he has decided to make a cornerstone of his campaign a war against wealthy Americans.

President Obama is pushing a law, the Buffett Rule, which would raise the income tax on individuals making $1 million or more to 30 percent.

He has shifted from calling it a revenue earner law after the Congressional Budget Office reported the Buffett Rule would bring in $47 billion over ten years or $5 billion per year, heck the federal government spends $5 billion every five days, so now he is saying the Buffett Rule is about tax fairness.

I like looking at numbers and data, after getting the numbers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) here is the truth on federal taxes.

The top one percent of earners pay 40 percent of all federal taxes, the top five percent pay 61 percent, and the top 10 percent pay 73 percent of all taxes.

We also see that 49 percent of Americans pay no federal taxes or receive all of their tax money back when they file.

I ask you is it fair that 10 percent of our population pays 73 percent while half pays nothing?

I mean it is very easy to tell someone else to pay more, but is that fair? It is time for the rhetoric to be put aside, truly look into the numbers and they reveal the true issues in spending.

We, as a nation, cannot fix our fiscal and economic issues by demonizing each other.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

Granite Falls Eco Teams need your help

Dear Editor,

Thanks so much for supporting the ShopGirls and the GFHS Eco Teams with your updates to the Snohomish County community.

Public money makes this program possible, private support makes this program spectacular!

And when community teams with schools, amazing things happen— like girls building cars that go over 500 mpg.

In April, at the 2012 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas:

• Our co-ed team, UrbanAutos won $1,000 second place in the Urban Concept Diesel category, with an astounding 231 mpg!

• The ShopGirls again won the overall First Place Safety Award, out of 112 teams competing!

• Their car Iron Maiden, achieved 550 mpg (first place winner got over 1,100 mpg). Many prestigious universities left the competition empty-handed.

If you remember, in December, I was voted a KOMO/Brotherton Community Champion with my volunteer work with the students on the Eco Teams. I was awarded a radio commercial and a short documentary.

The documentary will be posted on-line starting April 30.

We need the most on-line votes to win $5,000 for the Eco Teams.

Time to spread the word and tell everyone you know to vote April 30 thru May 20! (Last year's winner got 60,000 votes – yikes!)

Short films about the KOMO Community Champions and their projects will be posted at

Voting is set up to accept one vote per computer per day.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kari Hanson

Granite Falls


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