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YOUR|LETTERS for May 16, 2012


May 15, 2012

Legal marijuana growing gardens may come to Lake Stevens

Dear Editor,

Let me start by saying I am not against the use of medical marijuana…I AM against the loosely written laws and blatant fraud associated with it in Washington State.

The Lake Stevens City Council is considering allowing legal marijuana growing operations within our city limits.

They have been given the attractive name of “medical marijuana collective gardens” but in reality they are permanent structures in which no production, processing or delivery of marijuana shall be visible to the public from outside of the structure.

The buildings would be restricted to 45 plants each and may be built a mere 100 feet from a residential zone or 500 feet from a school or park.

The Centennial Trail does NOT have any buffer zone at all. There is no state or city registry of these “gardens.”

How are we to know that there are only 45 plants or that anything is legal within the building?

They are not required to have a “business” license nor does the city collect a dime of tax dollars from these “gardens.” To me they seem dangerous and without any benefit to the law abiding citizens of Lake Stevens.

I do not want these in my back yard. Do you?

Please contact Russ Wright the Lake Stevens Senior Planner 425-212-3315 with your questions or concerns; or write City Hall, Attn: Russ Wright, POB 257, Lake Stevens WA 98258. We need to send a loud message to our city council....”NO!” We don’t want marijuana growing houses in our city!

Kymm Shipman

Lake Stevens


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