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Skyline students share essays on education


May 22, 2012

Jeremy Anderson

Video Games Can Be Educational

by Jeremy Anderson

Video games can be educational because video games teach skills and make you use your brain or you can get help from friends with co-op.

Video games can teach lots of skills. In a game called Minecraft it teaches building. Minecraft also teaches you survival skills like making a fire. Minecraft also teaches you how to solve hard puzzles.

Video games make you use your brain. In Minecraft you can also plan! In Minecraft you use two items at once. In Minecraft you track down ores and it’s hard like diamond mining.

But in co-op it’s a little easier because you and a friend look for diamonds and ores together and you find it faster. But in Minecraft you need to share or some people can be greedy and run away which is not nice. You also need to talk with friends to find diamonds or say when you find some. But when you find mobs you need to run away or you can ask a friend to help.

But Minecraft is not all, other games can be educational too.

P.E. Is Fun by Coby Lucardie

I think P.E. is great for you because it is fun, it helps us run off steam, and it is exercise for you.

It is really fun. Sometimes, we play games like basketball. We only run when we do the pacer test or around the track. The reason I like P.E. is that it is a break from home and school work.

It does help everyone run off steam, and I mean anyone. P.E.IS AWESOMER THAN AWESOME. Deep breathing is good for you. Sports is like exercise.

P.E. is exercise for you. The excitement comes from the games. You get muscle by doing exercise. The intensity in P.E. is that we do a lot of running and we do a lot of fun stuff. It is exciting to be energetic like with games and stations.

I think exercise is great for you and it helps you be healthy and P.E. is great exercise.


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