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Elementary school students get to eat a rainbow


May 22, 2012

Photo By Pam Stevens

Lunch trays were piled high with all the colors of the rainbow on Thursday, May 17 as elementary school students throughout Lake Stevens School District enjoyed a lunch filled with all kinds of colorful fruits and veggies.

Peppers of every color, orange carrots, blueberries, strawberries and more were taste-tested as students were encouraged to take three different colors of the rainbow as they prepared their lunch.

Along with the fresh fruits and vegetables, students at Sunnycrest Elementary School got to try a sampling of Colorful Coleslaw which included both green and purple cabbage, carrots and sweet grapes. Students who tried the coleslaw creation gave it a thumbs up.

Fifth graders Garrett Johnson and Luke Joss (who “stole” from Garrett’s tray) left wanting more of the delicious fruit.

“I would eat this everyday,” Johnson said with Joss agreeing whole-heartedly. “I love it all,” he said.

Gregory Richard, also a fifth grader, nibbled on the berries he had chosen.

“I would like to see this all the time,” he said. “My favorite is the blueberries.”

Mr. Brandt’s fifth grade students Lily Martin, Alex Morford, Daniel Guajardo, Hailey Holder and Jessica Carlson helped pass out the coleslaw and made posters to encourage others to “taste the rainbow” when choosing lunch items.

“By eating lots of different colors of fruits it does a lot of different things for your body,” Hailey Holder explained.

“Every single fruit has a different color and each has different vitamins,” Alex Morford said.

Photo By Pam Stevens

Mollie Langum, Lake Stevens School District’s Food & Nutrition Supervisor wanted to help kids make wise decisions when it comes to food choices.

“We thought it would be fun to remind kids to eat different fruits and veggies,” she said. “I thought we should encourage them to ‘Eat a Rainbow’ and fill their bodies with nutrients.”

Beginning in the fall, new guidelines will be in place requiring that all students who eat school made lunches will be required to walk away with at least a half a cup of fruit, vegetables or juice.

“This is the biggest change in our guidelines in 15 years,” Langum explained. “We are encouraging the kids to try new things which will hopefully encourage good habits.”


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