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May 22, 2012

Relay for Life of Lake Stevens a huge success

Dear Editor,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the last two years you have welcomed Relay For Life into our town with open arms. You have given your hard earned money to the largest nonprofit fundraiser in the world. You have camped, celebrated, and cried with us.

You know that the color purple is not just the Viking’s color but the color of cancer survivors all over the world. In ways big and small you have helped make this town, this county and this world a better place; a place with less cancer and more birthdays.

Thank you to the AMAZING committee, each gave of time and talents to help make Relay For Life the event it was. It takes a lot of hands to put on a 24 hour event. I have been lucky to find more than 30 in our town. Thank you also the families of all the committee members for being supportive and showing up and jumping in when we have needed help!

Thank you to our sponsors, without you we would not be able to put on such an amazing event.

GOLD: City of Lake Stevens, Lake Stevens School District, Lake Stevens Journal, Granite Falls Press, Classic Country 1520, Fox Sports Radio, NK Films, Sarah Alston Photography and Seattle Cossacks.

Silver: Choices and Consequences, Republic Services, Wells Fargo Downtown, Rainy Day Caffe and Tom Thumb.

Bronze: ACE Hardware, All Season Storage, Bickford Ford, Jay’s Market, Lake Stevens Kiwanis, Lake Stevens Lions, Sahara Pizza, Sno-Isle Natural Food Co-Op, Timothy Alan Salon and Whidbey Island Bank.

Thank you to Mayor Little for proclaiming May 19, 2012 Relay For Life Day!

Thank you to the following “friends of Relay”: Fortune Productions, Papa Johns, Subway South Lake Stevens, Stadium Floral, Safeway, Target, Albertsons, Perfect Party Photo Booth, Haggens, Granite Falls IGA, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, McDonalds, Adriatica, Pizza Hut, Ixtapa, Papas and Beer and South Lake Pizza.

Thank you to ALL the business that helped us “Paint the Town Purple”. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year. And thank you to Pam Stevens who has agreed to join me as co-chair on this amazing journey as we head into the 2013 season.

As we finish out this year’s Relay For Life, I want to remind you that our work is not done. We fundraise year round, so if you see a car wash or bake sale, we are just working on creating more birthdays. We always “Celebrate” those who are still with us thanks to cancer research, “Remember” those we have lost, “Fight Back” to create a world with more birthdays!

Relay For Life is One Day, One Night, One Hope, One Fight…. But together we can and will change the world.

I feel so blessed to have chaired this event for the second year. I am proud to call Lake Stevens my home and many of you my friends, again THANK YOU!

Kim Demary, Event Chair

Relay For Life Lake Stevens

Tolerance means agreeing to disagree

Dear Editor,

I’ve noticed many “tolerant” people are only tolerant of ideas supporting their pet notions and will go ballistic on anyone offering alternatives to those notions—without regard to logic or context?

Last week, I shared a light-hearted observation concerning faith and science and, judging by the acerbic responses on the Journal’s web, one would have thought I threatened humanity.

‘Fact is, this former atheist has lost friends and family trying to protect the web from “the Internet lonely” who fill up inboxes with tear-jerking stories of such dubious origin—usually packaged as 6-8 screens of double-spaced, multicolored, 48-point text, in 4 to 6 inch fonts—as to cause a well-adjusted fourth grader to roll his (or her) eyes. And, we mustn’t forget the “powerful” prayers we need to forward to 1,000 people in four nanoseconds to receive untold material wealth.

That gets me wrapped around the axle, too. But, having provided consulting for NASA, NOAA, legal firms, engineering for the University of Chicago (the design of their 24-inch telescope in Antarctica was checked by ME before the instrument was allowed to go south), having a collection of degrees and certificates, an IQ well passed the top of the bell curve, and being a speaker at the 2012 SPIE conference—where even the janitors probably hold PhDs—I never would have thought my words so threatening to some as to be labeled an “anti-science, anti-intellectual rant.”

My “scientific” detractors would do well to remember the words of Aristotle—the “father of science”: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Still, wanting nothing more than harmony, this Christian will follow the advice of Dr. Steven Covey who, having that “mark,” suggests that those differing in opinion should “agree to disagree—agreeably.”

Bill Cook

Lake Stevens

Relay for Life brought Hope and courage

Dear Editor,

It’s very hard to make me cry, but by the time I was halfway around the track as a survivor in the Relay For Life event at Lake Stevens High School... the tears were flowing freely. After all, I have survived one of the deadliest forms of life-stealing cancer... colon-rectal.

My father and aunt weren’t as lucky.

As the tears fell, what a sense of release from the memories of the pain of battling this deadly disease.

What a warm and caring community, the turnout was awesome, producing an electricity of hope in the air.

People walking, talking, and breathing...Hope!!

Thanks be to God, The American Cancer Society, doctors, nurses, social workers, the many volunteers, caregivers, prayer givers, friends, family, Lake Stevens High School and all contributors, and all who took the time to say,”SOMEDAY WE WILL COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY BEAT CANCER!!!’

Today has been one of the finest days of my life, thank you Lake Stevens!!! One last word, “HOPE IS POWERED BY FAITH, COURAGE, AND LOVE!!!

Written on site

George Woodring

Lake Stevens


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