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June 19, 2012

Future legislators need to tell us how they will fix state’s debt

Dear Editor,

A recent “Scorecard” by the Washington Policy Center demonstrates where the state stands in its debts and liabilities.

Our elected officials have dug us into a large hole and it is imperative that we ask the candidates currently running for our state legislature what they want to do about this debt situation.

As of fiscal year 2011 we have $27.3 billion in state debt and liabilities.

The pension plans, PERS 1, TRS 1, PERS 2/3 have unfunded debts of $3.2, $1.4, and $0.6 billion, and $6.9 billion in unfunded non-pension retirement benefits.

These debts will come due in the future and the legislature is merely kicking this can-down-the-road.

Don’t just let candidates give you sound bites, ask them for specific solutions.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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