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County jobless rates for May released today


June 21, 2012

OLYMPIA – County unemployment rates and employment data for May 2012 were released this morning and are posted online at; click “Statewide and county detail” in the “Current unemployment rate” box.

Please keep in mind: Unemployment rates at the county level are not seasonally adjusted because the sample size is too small to accommodate that additional analysis. Therefore, they should not be compared directly to the seasonally adjusted statewide rate that we announced last week.

At the top of the state map on which we’ve posted the county unemployment rates, we’ve posted the statewide, non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for direct comparison.

Here is the release schedule for the remainder of 2012.

* State numbers are released on Wednesdays at 10 a.m ., except for Nov. 15 (Thursday).

** County numbers are released on Tuesdays, except for Dec. 26 (Wednesday).


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