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"The Loop"


July 2, 2012

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As the Summer begins, more folks choose to visit the Mountain Loop. Some people simply drive through, others camp or hike for a day or two, and some stay for a week or more to enjoy the beautiful views and peaceful surroundings. Many of them wonder why the road we call "The Loop" even exists! Does anyone live here? Did someone live here at one time? When and why did man conquer this corner of the wilderness?

In an attempt to answer some of these questions, and to enrich the experience our visitors have by connecting them with the "past and present" of The Loop, one of several cyber-tours set up within Snohomish County has been enhanced with short videos that can be downloaded to portable devices such as iPads, and carried by the visitor to enjoy "in situ"—that is, watch the video to view historic pictures while standing at the very spot they were taken over 100 years ago! A short narrative accompanies each video to put the "then and now" pictures into perspective.

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You can go to to enjoy the tour from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. You can click through the stops around the Loop one at a time, or you can choose to download the entire set to your chosen portable device (pad, PC) by clicking on the "mp4 download" button. There may not be cell phone connection or web access on much of the Loop, but once downloaded, the videos can be enjoyed anywhere.

The stops are numbered, and you can pick up tour brochures at any Snohomish County Visitors Center, the Mountain Loop Tourism Bureau in Granite Falls, or the Granite Falls Historical Museum. Please enjoy yourself, and leave a comment on the tour to let us know what we should add, delete, or change!


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