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July 2, 2012

Some medical practitioners should listen to patients

Dear Editor,

Mr. Ashead’s letter in last month’s Granite Falls Press would have been humorous, had it not struck a nerve with tales of “pass the buck,” hearing without listening, and dramatic overreactions by caregivers. But, he touched on a mindset almost ubiquitous in our region’s medical practices, wherein some practitioners feel input from the patient is useless—if not bothersome.

Recently, I visited a walk-in clinic suffering severe chest pains. I told the doctor what I thought was wrong (pleurisy) and what I needed (pain meds). When he left the room, my wife said, “He thinks you’re here for drugs!” Returning with, “We don’t have any narcotics at this office,” I grabbed his stethoscope, placed it on my chest, and gave a few breaths. With that, he said I should consult a lung specialist “within the next two weeks.”

The following afternoon a somber voice message said, “I think I may have misdiagnosed you; I want you to report to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.” Once there, I repeated what was wrong and what I needed. However, I had to wait for a specialist to arrive from Harborview.

Even after the doctor approved my request for pain relievers, it took staff 40 minutes to comply, at $9 a pill—for Ibuprofen! When hours of hoses, wires, radioactive gas, angioplasty, and Brun Hilda’s vice-grip on my groin was over, they treated me for what I told everyone I had and gave me what I had been asking for—along with a bill for $5,800!

No doubt there are some excellent, caring doctors in our region—I now have one. Even so, the stories of selective hearing, misunderstanding the obvious, and unbridled greed that have touched my family in the last few years would fill a small book—while costing a small fortune.

Bill Cook

Lake Stevens

Please help locate lost wedding ring

Dear Editor,

My mother-in-law, a Lake Stevens resident of over 40 years, lost her wedding ring on Sunday, June 9.

She has been married over 46 years and her wedding ring included diamonds that belonged to her mother. I helped her look all over for it and she is absolutely heartbroken.

She may have lost the ring at Safeway in Frontier Village. It is a gold ring with three diamonds and a unique hinged design that allows the ring to be opened at the side.

If the ring was found, we would very much like to have it back. Perhaps publishing this letter in the Press will help her ring find it's way back to her.

If someone finds it please call me at 425-737-7687. Thank you.

Robert Hand

Lake Stevens

Legislators need to tell us how they will fix debt

Dear Editor,

A recent "Scorecard" by the Washington Policy Center demonstrates where the state stands in its debts and liabilities.

Our elected officials have dug us into a large hole and it is imperative that we ask the candidates currently running for our state legislature what they want to do about this debt situation.

As of fiscal year 2011 we have $27.3 billion in state debt and liabilities.

The pension plans, PERS 1, TRS 1, PERS 2/3 have unfunded debts of $3.2, $1.4, and $0.6 billion, and $6.9 billion in unfunded non-pension retirement benefits.

These debts will come due in the future and the legislature is merely kicking this can down-the-road.

Don't just let candidates give you sound-bites, ask them for specific solutions.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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