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By Lisa Finley
Our Father’s House 

Never say never


July 3, 2012

I recently saw a license plate on a Dodge Caravan with the bold letters: NEVER. Drawing closer the message read: I will NEVER drive a minivan. As a middle-aged mom, having succumbed to owning one myself, I had to smile, fully able to relate.

One should never say never, because you just never know! Our pastor recently relayed a true story of a Christian leader who was attending college. He would regularly write a Top Ten list of individuals that he believed would probably never be open to the gospel. Nevertheless he prayed for their salvation. In faith, he even posted the list on the dorm door of the person topping the list- a rebellious student known for his misbehavior. Four years later this same rowdy young man called him, ready to receive Christ as his Savior.

If the disciples had made such a list Saul would have clearly topped it! Known for his persecution of the church, his favorite pastime was dragging men and women out of their homes off to prison. He was there approving as Stephen was martyred, and Saul was responsible for the death of many more Christians. Thus his conversion recorded in the book of Acts was considerably the most famous in human history! His name change from Saul to Paul reflected his total transformation. This disciple, who later went on to write ¾ of the New Testament, had once been on the NEVER list, and now his life would NEVER be the same!

If you were to draw up such a list, who would be on it? Remember that closed minds attempt to keep God in a box; open minds realize God never had a box. Only He is able to truthfully use the word never, and thankfully when He did choose to use it He referred to His great love. “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Joshua 1:5b


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