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YOUR | LETTERS for July 4, 2012


July 3, 2012

LSHS pool is a huge asset to community

Dear Editor,

During these times of constrained personal, local and state budgets there are a lot of wants, and even needs, that get prioritized off the feasible list.

While a case can be made, given our fickle weather and our thousand acre lake in our backyard, a pool is an important asset to have in the community, it does take significant resources to maintain and operate.

I was surprised to learn for calendar year 2011 there were over 200,000 pool entries and 4,100 kids in swimming lessons. Wow!

The Lake Stevens Pool is an existing asset I am so thankful is in our community, facilitates a wide variety of aquatic activities and is supported by thousands of my fellow citizens.

Kevin Kosche

Lake Stevens

Thank you to a whole neighborhood

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank my entire neighborhood – all who came to us and offered such kindness, support and concern after a wild incident on Wed ., June 20.

At 2:30 that morning a 19-year-old repeat offender, drunk, driving a stolen car, decided to make a getaway from the police straight down our driveway. The suspected drunk driver hit my car, tore up a hedge, destroyed my vegetable garden and the steps of our deck, and clipped the corner of our house, knocking over a 150 gallon water barrel.

What a wild night! I want to thank everyone who showed such neighborly kindness and support—all who asked “are you ok,” “is there anything we can do for you?” and those who helped me replant the garden, especially.

Thank you all so much, it’s very comforting to know just how friendly and thoughtful our neighbors are! What a warm wonderful community we live in!

Carolyn Fox-Allen

Lake Stevens


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