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July 10, 2012

Doctors, patients should be in charge of healthcare

Dear Editor,

I would like to address the guest editorial in the July 4 Journal.

Dr. Stark is concerned that our health care dollars will be controlled by the government, instead of the patient. I’m not sure what country he is talking about, because all of our health care money has gone to and is being controlled by for profit companies, not the patient.

Any money that is not currently going to bloated executive salaries is going to as little care for the patients as the insurance company can manage.

Denial of care toward those of us that pay into our policies every month is a hallmark of the for profit health care industry.

Our doctors can only treat us in very limited ways, because insurance refuses to pay them to use their best judgment. They are paid based on the judgments of accountants. How can the government do worse?

He thinks that controlling costs is a bad way to go and is upset about the cuts to Medicare. The government should control costs.

What we need is a system where the doctor is in charge of our care, with input from the patient. The for profit insurance companies raise rates each year and are making health care more and more unaffordable to the average person while making all the decisions in regards to our care.

Reign in the insurance companies and then we can discuss government provided health care, which I have had for many years, since my husband is retired military, and I have been quite satisfied.

Karen Boe

Lake Stevens

New roundabouts take away bus routes, for now

Dear Editor,

How much money was wasted on the roundabout at Vernon and Lundeen Road due to the eastbound lanes were built with two lanes and now one is closed? This money was borrowed regarding TARP.

Our grandkids will pay for the outside of Turn four at Indy for years without being able to drive on it.

Let’s jump ahead to Vernon and Davies Road.

The roundabout has “irregularities” in the pavement per the city, so the Community Transit buses cannot drive up and over it for now.

Truckers I guess are inherently born with this knowledge to drive up and over the roundabout there, meanwhile no buses on Vernon Road.

Again, how much money was wasted and needs to be re-spent for the do-over?

I am contemplating billing the city for my time and mileage to make other arrangements. If the buses do not return to Vernon Road, then there is the matter of lower property values.

Someone in this town that is smart needs to write up a citizens initiative so the people can vote on any spending above say $10,000.

All that being said, maybe our property taxes can go down under this oversight of the people since our elected and hired oversight cannot stop making mistakes.

Brad Thayer

Lake Stevens

Local mobile home park needs your help

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to a theft at the Cardinal Estates Mobile Home Park on 15th Pl. SE.

On the night of June 28 someone came in and took yard lights and yard decorations.

Taken, were two round stepping stones about 10 inches wide with yellow sun faces and blue and white glass on each side of the faces. These were a gift from my son and his wife and cannot be replaced.

Also two cracked glass solar yard lights that can be changed to colored lights or remain white and two solar black lantern type lights.

Another home is missing a windmill painted brown and red and 12 brass and copper solar lights.

Another home is missing a wooden carved bear and yet another is missing a bright blue gazing ball.

If you see any of these items please call Officer Blakely at 425-334-9537. Reference # 12-01487.

Gloria Foster

Lake Stevens


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