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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Thunderstorm brings down tree, kills eagle


July 17, 2012

The tree that was hit by lightning splintered and spread debris across the yard.

Lightning came crashing through Lake Stevens on Friday, July 13 bringing down trees and an eagle’s nest on the south end of the lake at 8:30 a.m.

One of the city’s bald eagles’ nests was in the tree that fell into pieces.

“The sad thing is that it killed a bald eagle that lived there,” homeowner Janice Huxford said.

The lightning electrocuted the male eagle and Fish and Wildlife had to be called.

The eagle’s baby watched from a nearby tree as work crews started to clean up the mess.

“I loved having a family of eagles here and hope his wife and son will stay on in another of our trees,” Huxford said.

Two eagle hotline representatives were also onsite taking photos and monitoring the juvenile eagle that was still in the vicinity trying to determine if he was injured and or stunned.

“They think it is either George or Martha, they aren’t sure yet,” the eagle hotline representatives said. Since George and Martha are longtime mature eagle residents of Lake Stevens the possibility of another mature bald eagle being in the same territory is highly unlikely.

The tree that was hit damaged the gutter and fence and a piece of flying bark broke a window in their home and another piece hit a neighboring home.

“It’s just a big mess, but how lucky can you be that it didn’t really damage the home at all. It fell this way and that way but missed the house,” homeowner Dave Warrick said.


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