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DIST. 1 Congressional Candidates


July 24, 2012

Darcy Burner

I grew up as the third of five children in a blue collar military family headed by an Air Force veteran and pubic school teacher. My brother served in Iraq. I understand the rural way of life, American values and protecting our country, and standing up for our veterans who keep our country safe.

If we want progress on the economy, health care, and education, we first have to fix our broken Congress. That means putting a halt to corporations buying elected officials by passing campaign finance and lobbying reform; opening up Congress’s business to the public so that any hearing a lobbyist is in is also open to the American people, and forcing members of Congress to disclose every earmark they request and every loast-minute change they make to a bill. It’s not enough to send people who will cast good votes to Congress, we must send people who will fix Congress.

I’ll fight to put Americans back to work, creating good jobs now fixing our nation’s roads, bridges, and schools, so that our country works again for people who work for a living.

Suzan DelBene

I’m running to stand up for the middle classThis is personal for me. Growing up, my family struggled. But thanks to financial aid and student loans, I received a great education and was successful in business.

Today, I can’t tell the same story for our children. Today, Congress is working for powerful interests rather than middle class families.

Protecting the middle class: My life experience taught me we must protect working families and seniors while encouraging innovation and job growth. Instead of special interest tax breaks, I will restore investments in schools, roads and job-creating research.

Representing our shared values: I support the “Buffett Rule” so millionaires pay their fair share. I will protect Social Security, Medicare and a woman’s right to choose. I implemented Washington’s tax amnesty, saving small businesses millions and helping close our state’s deficit. I know how to make the tax code fairer. We must end oil company tax breaks and Wall Street abuses.

A workhorse, not a show horse: I am endorsed by Rep. Rick Larsen, the State Labor Council, Snohomish County Democrats, and thousands of teachers across Washington. They know I am a workhorse and am committed to ensuring every family can succeed.

Steve Hobbs

Raised in Lake Stevens, I worked through Everett CC and the University of Washington. In my 20 years in the Army, I rose from Private to Captain, and served in Kosovo and the Iraq war.

My wife Pam and I returned to Lake Stevens to raise our three boys, all of whom attend public schools. We know what it’s like to struggle in this economy and make tough decisions. We have a mortgage, student loans, and my son Truman has special needs.

In my six years representing you in Olympia, I’ve learned that working across party lines doesn’t always make you popular. It’s more important to work for what’s right, than what’s popular. I have a record of fighting for good jobs, responsible budgets, protecting the vulnerable, standing up for aerospace and agriculture, and focusing on education.

I’ve earned the backing of the business community, labor, veterans, education leaders, farmers, and civil rights advocates. I have the broad base of support needed to represent our community.

Times have been tough for most of us. I believe by working together and listening to each other, we can make our country strong again. Together we can build a better Washington.

Larry Ishmael

Congress is broken, and continuing to elect Democrats or Republicans perpetuates the problem. The only viable approach for change is to elect an independent who will work for you.

When candidates are elected to Congress they become representatives of their party and special interest groups, not of the people who elected them. Our country is being run by the parties, not by elected representatives so it’s time to fire the parties and hire someone new.

I am a servant leader who is a compassionate fiscal conservative that understands the necessity of reducing our spending without hurting our most vulnerable. It takes a clear economic plan to reduce taxes while increasing revenue and paying off our huge mountain of debt. As a professor of economics I understand how the economic system works, and I know how to improve our educational system. As an environmentalist and property rights advocate, I will protect both. As a small businessman, I will not over-regulate you.

I’ll work to fix this economy, create more jobs, and create opportunities for our children and grandchildren. Let’s take back our country from extremists on the left and right. A vote for me is a vote for a better tomorrow.

John Koster

John Koster is a third generation Dairyman from Snohomish County. He married his wife Vicki in 1971. They have four grown children, and nine grandchildren. The whole family resides in Snohomish County.

It is John’s love of family that prompted him to run for Congress. John is concerned that the American Dream that he was able to live will not be available for future generations. The debt that Congress is running up is out of control, and we are rapidly destroying the free enterprise system that made America’s economy the most productive in the world.

As a businessman and public servant, John Koster has the right experience to represent us in Congress. John was a three term state representative in Olympia, where he earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog. During his time in the legislature, John was responsible for organizing the Conservative Caucus where he worked with other legislators to lower taxes and cut spending.

After running for Congress in 2000, John continued his public service after getting elected to the Snohomish County Council.

John Koster is a graduate of Arlington High School and Everett Community College.

Dashran Rauniyar

I am running because Congress is failing the American people. We need different kinds of people to get different results, and as the only candidate who is not a professional politician, I bring a different character to this race. I am the only candidate refusing PAC money, because Congress needs to serve the common good, not special interests. I am the only candidate who opposes the Coal Train, because it will harm so many while benefitting so few.

Your vote will help us: • Build a strong economy by replacing free trade with fair trade to bring jobs back to this country • Increase wages for working people • Create green jobs to restore the environment and end dependency on fossil fuels • Invest in a world class education system and make college affordable • Balance the budget with tax increases on corporations and the wealthy, cuts in defense spending, and consolidating agencies with similar missions • Protect Social Security and Medicare by asking the wealthy to pay their fair share • Reduce health care costs by replacing high-overhead private insurance with low overhead Medicare-for-All • Protect patients’ rights to choose the medical care they want • Ensure marriage equality • Reform immigration policy • Restore the American Dream for All!

Laura Ruderman

My mother. My father. My sister. My two sisters-in-law. Over the last few years, they’ve all battled cancer. And one of my sisters-in-law died.

There are many reasons why I’m running for Congress at this time of great turmoil over the economy, spending, and the future of Social Security and Medicare. But defending President Obama’s health care law is my most personal reason.

I’ve fought these battles before. As a state legislator, I passed a law helping low-income women get breast cancer treatment. I reached across party lines to support our schools and balance the budget. I worked with biotech firms and companies like Boeing and Microsoft to provide incentives for job growth. At this time of partisan gridlock, no one will out-work me to make change happen.

As a small businesswoman raising a family in a suburban neighborhood with kids in public school, I live all of these issues every day. Just like you do. I share your priorities of investing in education, health care, and job creation. I haven’t given up, and I hope you haven’t either. I ask for your vote so we can change Congress together. Endorsed by Snohomish County Democrats and Sheriff John Lovick.


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