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DIST. 2 Congressional Candidates


July 24, 2012

DIST. 2 Congressional Candidates

Glen S. Johnson

As we enter another campaign season, we need to take some time to learn what issues are of interest to the district you live in, as well as where your tax dollars go. What would I do about the debt? I’d teach the reality of our economic system first, so people could first understand how they fit into it, how their actions influence the system and how unsustainable our present approach is.

How about health care? We don’t care about our health, as can be easily seen by the waste around our waists. If we truly funded health “CARE”, 60% of us wouldn’t be struggling with obesity.

What might you expect when the food system is run by profit motive industrial titans? I am a man of incredibly diverse experiences, from military to farming to fishing to international trade to too many things to fully mention here. Suffice it to say that my balanced approach to problem solving will be fresh air in the capital.

People will know that I’m not voting for special interests. I vote for things based upon merit and the long term outcome. We look at all the major industrialized countries and ask, why can’t we have their sort of health care? It’s our attempt to be the policeman for the world that costs us what we could otherwise spend on healthy living instead of having coronary by-pass. It’s the person with a balanced perspective that might help pull us through.

Mike Lapointe

I always work hard at whatever I do and passion drives me to do even more. Money, greed and the accumulation of power into the hands of the few has silenced our voice and left us only with the illusion that we have choices.

The two parties are polarized and suppress their member’s voices. Both point fingers at the opposition, pump up the troops and then let them down after every election. I am not asking people to abandon their party, only to look for alternatives outside of them. It is time.

On the issues, these are what are most paramount: Overturn Citizens’ United, seek a Constitutional Amendment declaring that Corporations are not people, money is not speech and establish a fair system of publicly funded elections. Only humans can vote and the merits of a candidate should get them elected instead of obscene amounts of money.

This will level the playing field and give people representation. I believe we need to go in a new direction. People who are active in the community need to step up and do what I am doing.

Another world is possible. I ask your help in proving it.

Rick Larsen

I was born and raised in Arlington. My mom and dad raised me with the values I now teach my own children: community, service and commitment. These values motivate me each day on your behalf.

We need to rebuild the middle class. We need to see the label Made in America again.

I fought to ensure the new Air Force tanker is built here by the best aerospace workers in the world. I created an export promotion program to help businesses find new customers overseas and create more jobs here at home. And I worked with the Navy to ensure that a new aircraft carrier was brought to Naval Station Everett.

Our work is not done. We need to expand our educational opportunities to ensure we retain the best aerospace workforce and help veterans returning from Afghanistan with job opportunities.

We need to help with job opportunities for our veterans returning from Afghanistan. And we need to rebuild our aging roads, bridges, highways, ferries and transit systems.

I ask for your vote so we can restore the middle class, create jobs, and promote our northwest values in our nation’s capitol.

Dan Matthews

Our country is on the wrong course: if we continue in this direction our economy will become weaker; more of us will lose our jobs, our homes and our pensions.

My opponent – a long-term incumbent Congressman – has spent twelve years in Office taking us down this path. Simply put, he’s among the professional politicians who got us into this mess. Change is overdue.

I commit to represent You – not special interests or Washington lobbyists.

My Goals: Cut Federal Spending; Balance the Budget; Reform America’s Entitlement Programs; Honor commitments to Medicare, Social Security and especially Veterans; Reduce Federal Regulations; Keep America first in Jobs, Business, Energy and Economic Security.

I advocate Big Citizens and small government; I trust individuals exercising their liberties more than I trust big government. I believe in personal responsibility more than personal entitlement. As a fiscal conservative, I ask this of legislation: What is the proper role of the government? What is the responsibility of the individual? Can we afford this?

Twelve years of weak representation is enough – it’s time for a leader with a new plan.

Our children deserve our commitment to their future. We must “…secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity….”

Eli Olson

It is time for my generation to take some of the burden of protecting our civil liberties and upholding the constitution off the wiser generation before us. They have fought this battle for too long, and if it was not for them I would not have a nation to restore today.

This is my platform:

Make securing our borders the top national security priority.

Avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders.

Guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.

End the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

Follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.

Only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.

Ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.

Stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.

John C. W. Shoop

John C. W. Shoop was born on his father’s birthday, August 11, 1948. His father was named Charles William Shoop, hence the names John Charles William Shoop.

He enrolled in the five year Junior R.O.T.C. program and graduated as a Captain. During this time he earned the title of Top Cadet in the State of California. He attended Cuesta College and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He majored in Geological Engineering.

Mr. Shoop answered his Country’s call and served in the United States Marine Corps, was trained as an Intelligence Analyst and served in Viet Nam.

In the past 35 years he has founded, built, purchased, owned, bought and sold over 20 businesses. John has a wide variety of experience to bring to the Congressional table. He is currently a teacher, inspirational speaker, survival instructor, author, film producer, started his own international telephone company and hosts Women’s Empowerment Expos. He has worked in; radio, retail sales, television, special effects, record, radio and film production and has served as Board Member of Pathways For Women, Exalted Ruler of the Elks.

John met his wife, Joyce in Sunday school at the First Southern Baptist Church and just celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary.


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