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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Primary elections have large number of candidates


July 24, 2012

Primary election ballots should have been delivered to every voter in Snohomish County and there are dozens of candidates running for everything from Governor to Precinct Committee Officers.

This primary election will not only narrow the choices to two for the General Election but Snohomish County Superior Judge will be decided through the primary election.

It is more important than ever to study the candidates and make sure you vote for the one who will represent your best interests.

We have included bios and headshots of the candidates running in the new Congressional District 1, Congressional District 2 (which covers the northern part of the city), and the four candidates running for State Representative in Legislative District 44.

Maps can be found on the Snohomish County Auditor’s website.

Because only two candidates, incumbent Mike Hope and Mary McNaughton, are running for State Representative in Legislative District 44’s Position 2, we will include them in our general election voter information.

Please take the time to read your Voter’s Pamphlets or you can go online to where you will find the online version of the Voter’s Pamphlet.

Just to give an idea of how many candidates are running for office this Primary Election look at the following:

• Eight candidates running for U.S. Senator including incumbent Maria Cantwell.

• In Congressional District 1 there are seven candidates. This doesn’t include the 11 running for the one-Month Short Term position in that District.

• In Congressional District 2, six candidates including incumbent Rick Larsen.

• There are nine candidates running for Governor.

• Six candidates running for Lieutenant Governor.

• Seven people are running for Sam Reed’s open position as Secretary of State.

• State Auditor position has four candidates running.

• Attorney General has three candidates wanting to take the place of Rob McKenna who is running for Governor.

• Commissioner of Public Lands has three candidates.

• State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Schools) has five candidates.

• Insurance Commissioner has four candidates.

This does not even include the three candidates running for State Supreme Court Justices.

Please glean as much information as you can before making your decision.

You can always contact the candidates by phone or email if you have more questions. That information can be found on the Snohomish County Auditor’s website by clicking on ‘Candidates in a Primary’.

Legislative District 44 House of Representatives Position 1

Hans Dunshee

Lake Stevens is a fast growing, dynamic community that needs and deserves the careful attention by its elected leaders. I’m proud of my work on behalf of its citizens, businesses and schools and I am eager to continue my efforts.

I believe we can build strong communities and a stronger state through targeted investments in roads and critical infrastructure which is why I support the ongoing work to widen SR-9 and efforts to minimize costs associated with the new Sunnyside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

I’m a strong advocate for our public school system and work hard to make sure that students, teachers, parents and industry all benefit from high-quality and accountable schools. These investments, as well as investments made to support the local aerospace industry, create jobs and economic security that allow families and businesses to flourish.

I sponsored the 2012 Jobs Now package that will create 20,000 good jobs, 1,700 right here in Snohomish County.

I have fought to bring WSU degree opportunities to the county, and won.

For these reasons and more, I have earned the support of educators, laborers, businesses large and small, community activists and local law enforcement. Please visit my website to learn more.

B.J. Guillot

My name is B.J. Guillot. I am proud and excited to live in a State and Country where individuals have the freedom to exercise their Constitutional right to vote and run for public office.

I have experience running my own computer software business as well as working in professional environments of all sizes from small Internet startups to large multinational corporations in roles as varied as software developer, team lead, VP, and CIO.

I have a B.S. in both Computer Science and Mathematics (1999, University of Houston).

I consider myself a 21st Century Republican. I support low taxes. I am pro-business. But contrary to some in the party, I am a supporter of individual liberty and whether that means you want to bear arms, use marijuana, or do anything else in your home or bedroom that doesn’t harm others, it should be your right.

We should take a hard look at the educational curriculum for High School students and ensure our children are able to take more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics classes.

I support commercial flights from Paine Field in Everett. We shouldn’t have to drive to SeaTac or Bellingham to fly.

Thanks for your consideration. Vote for B.J.

Mark Harmsworth

As a City Councilman and business leader, Mark has unique experience in both local government and the private sector. Mark will bring fresh eyes and a new perspective to our state government. He understands that small business creates the jobs we need, not the government. Mark will work for a budget that eliminates waste and makes education a priority. Our kids are not a partisan bargaining chip.

Marks priorities are:

- Support small business to create jobs

- Prioritize public safety and schools

- Stop overspending and live within our means

Mark and Sarah live in Mill Creek with their three children.

Elected Experience: Mill Creek City Council - two terms; Vice President, Snohomish Cities and Towns; Prioritized public safety; Supported small businesses to create jobs; Never voted to raise taxes.

Other Professional Experience: Microsoft, Principal Service Engineer; Development Manager; Program Manager; 20 years business experience.

Education: University of Plymouth; Heles School, Exeter.

Community Service: Youth coach for Future Business Leaders of America; Seattle Hill Road Traffic Advisory Committee; Home Owners Association Board member; Active church member.

Bob McCaughan

Bob believes that Business, Jobs, Opportunities and Education are the keys to a better life. With two decades of job killing obstacles, we need positive, innovative solutions to create a hiring environment in Washington.

Our children and grandchildren deserve a world class education. Let’s look to the best and working programs in our educational system while incorporating bright, clear and promising approaches from others to create a flexible, effective education that promotes excellence for now and the future.

Washington born, married to Susan 24 years (two great sons, Bobby and Erik), Bob brings a well-rounded background, understands hard work, listens and is available to serve you.

Economics degree, University of Washington; Architecture degree, MSU. Travel—America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe. Career—Architecture, Construction, Business, Government and Lifelong Investments (stocks, real estate, construction).

Bob’s Hallmark—Service: Boy Scout leader 16 years and Eagle Scout; Hurricane Katrina; YMCA; Schools—Zion Lutheran, Archbishop Murphy, Snohomish High; Snohomish Youth Soccer; Hope Foursquare Church, and avid outdoorsman.

We’re all tired of politics as usual with special sessions and budget gimmicks. Bob delivers fresh-positive change, innovative ideas-solutions, and real cost versus benefit analysis, getting Washington on-track to an exceptional place to live and work.

Vote Bob—Thanks!


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