August 6, 2012 |

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment

Everett, WA — Your old, energy-wasting second fridge is wasting you money – about $200 this year and every year you keep it. The PUD will haul it away for free and recycle it. And you’ll save enough money on your bill to fill up your primary fridge with groceries or help fund a romantic weekend. You could get tickets for your family or friends to a local sporting event or buy a new smart phone. Or the savings could cover two months of PUD bills for an average home.

Sears Makes it Easy

If you purchase a new refrigerator or freezer at Sears’ Alderwood or Everett Mall locations, you can schedule a free pick-up of an old unit to occur the same day as delivery. Ask a Sears sales associate for details when you purchase your new unit.

Donate the Incentive to Customers in Need

You can choose to donate the PUD’s $30 incentive to Project PRIDE, a program that helps low-income customers with their winter electric bills. The program helps about 1,000 customers annually.

How to Recycle Your Appliance

Requirements: To have a refrigerator or freezer picked up and recycled, it needs to be in working condition and 10 to 32 cubic feet in size. The program is for Snohomish County PUD customers only. Customers must own the unit(s) being recycled, with a pickup limit of two units per account.

To schedule a free pick-up, Snohomish County PUD customers should call JACO Environmental toll-free 1-877-577-0510. To help process your request, please have your PUD account number available. The $30 incentive check will be mailed to you within 4 to 6 weeks after the appliance collection.

The collected appliances are recycled at a local JACO Environmental facility in Everett. More than 90 percent of each refrigerator or freezer is recycled. The safe disposal of refrigerators promises to slow, stop or even reverse ozone destruction. An average refrigerator contains about 10 pounds of foam insulation and one pound of CFC-11, equivalent to 2.3 tons of carbon dioxide.

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