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Lights & Sirens for August 8, 2012


August 7, 2012

The police department responded to 636 incidents in the week of July 22, 2012 through July 28, 2012. The following is a brief summary of some of the more notable contacts:

Reckless Endangerment/Discharge Firearm 07/22/12, 2500 block of 103rd Dr. SE

A 43-year-old male was arrested for Reckless Endangerment and for Discharging a Firearm within City Limits. The male was practicing his “quick draw” from his waistband when the firearm accidentally went off. The bullet entered the neighbor’s house, through two walls, and embedded itself into their couch. The male was released at the scene without incident and charges were sent to the Marysville Court.

Assault 4° Domestic Violence (DV), 07/23/12

10500 block of S. Lake Stevens Rd.

A 19-year-old male was arrested for Assault 4° DV. The male and two 18-year-old females got into an argument, which resulted in the male pushing both the females. The male was booked into Marysville Jail.

Assault 2° Domestic Violence (DV), 07/23/12

8300 block of 2nd St. NE

A 41-year-old male was arrested for Assault 2° DV. The male and his 37-year-old wife had an argument that turned physical. Officers learned that the male held the female down, held a drywall saw to her face, and stated he was going to kill her. The male was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Physical Control/Minor in Possession (MIP), 07/25/12, 1st Pl./87th Ave. NE

Two 18-year-old males were arrested. One male was arrested for Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle, and the other for Minor in Possession (MIP). Officers discovered one intoxicated male behind the wheel of a motor vehicle with the keys in the ignition. The other male was sitting in the passenger seat. Both males were cited and released.

Burglary, 07/26/12, 500 block of SR 9

Officers were dispatched to a burglary call where the burglar had cut utility lines. It appeared only small items were taken and that the alarm scared the burglar off. The case is under investigation.

Disorderly Conduct, 07/28/12,

7800 block of 12th St. SE

A 41-year-old male was arrested for Disorderly Conduct. The male was contacted after it was reported that the male was yelling threats to his neighbor who called the police on him. The male was cited and released from the scene without incident.


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