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NW Auto Recycling pays for Cavelero activity bus


August 7, 2012

NW Auto Recyclers of Lake Stevens initiated a year-round recycling program that benefits Lake Stevens School District.

The first two months of collection has generated $2,175.18 which has been donated to the school district.

The dollars generated from community donations of recyclable materials will go directly to support an activity bus run for Cavelero Mid High students.

Cavelero was chosen as the first school to benefit from the re-activation of an afterschool bus service for students due to its location, distance from walkable neighborhoods, and need. Activity buses were not offered after the state budget cuts of 2010.

Principal Mike Snow is excited about the programs that he will be able to put in place to support students.

Current considerations include offering targeted reading, math, and science support and continuing an after school tutoring study table. “This level of support for students and families will make a difference for kids. I have offered academic support programs after school but transportation prohibited many students from being able to attend,” Snow Said.

Currently the district is planning to schedule three six-week sessions that will meet twice a week. More information on exact dates, and student activity and support offerings, will be provided soon.

The public can support this program by dropping off metal items in the drop box at NW Auto Recyclers marked Lake Stevens Schools.

Hours of donation are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m ., Monday through Friday and until 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Individuals are also welcome to call Alex Petrakopoulos at 425-327-9064 to schedule a pick-up time if assistance is needed with larger items.

NW Auto Recyclers is located at 2317 N. Machias Road, Lake Stevens. For general questions call 425-334-3366.

Recyclables accepted include: steel, cars and trucks, copper, brass, aluminum, school buses, heavy equipment, electric motors, trash compactors, water heaters, washers, dryers, lawn mowers, metal yard tools, barbecue grills, engines, mufflers, used electric gear, auto radiators, transmissions, transformers, refrigerators drained, freezers drained and propane tanks without valves.

Please help Lake Stevens Schools and the community by donating any unused scrap metal you have around your home, yard or garage. Remember, no donation is too small, every “scrap” counts.

Thanks goes out to all who have already donated!


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