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YOUR|LETTERS for August 15, 2012


August 14, 2012

Lake Stevens Police Officers aren’t as young as they look

Dear Editor,

Regarding contracting police services, Mr. Koziol isn’t forthcoming in that he’s a Snohomish County sheriff’s deputy who resides in Lake Stevens and is probably thinking how he’ll benefit. How convenient to be able to go home for lunch, or help with the kids while on duty?

My husband is a police officer who doesn’t work in Snohomish County or any of its cities. We live just outside the Lake Stevens city limits. Last year LSPD was first on scene at our home when my husband caught and struggled with a burglar. LSPD has a mutual aid agreement with SCSO which means whatever officer is closest responds, despite which agency they work for. Thank God for that.

Deputy Koziol questions the qualifications of LSPD officers. LSPD officers have many years of experience in specialized skills including investigative, explosive/bombs, marine, and accident investigations, with access to SWAT and Search & Rescue 24/7. They’re not as young as they look.

The city had to tighten its belt because of the current recession. You’re lucky city leaders don’t use public safety as reason to raise taxes. They looked elsewhere for cuts before looking at safety. Layoffs were a last resort.

LSPD participates in many local events, sponsored 8 families at Christmas with the LS Family Center, and held food drives for the LS Food Bank. On their own time, LSPD personnel are members of Lake Stevens Lions, Rotary, Chamber, American Legion, and other local service clubs. This keeps LSPD personnel engaged in our community whether they live here or not. To my knowledge, Deputy Koziol doesn’t belong to any Lake Stevens organization though he’s lived here for years. The only stake Deputy Koziol has in this is how he’ll personally benefit.

Who wants a police officer who selfishly is trying to take jobs away from fellow officers?

Stephanie Haynes

Lake Stevens


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