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August 21, 2012

The battle of the bulge it would seem is never ending but as far as America is concerned, this is more than a battle - this is a full throttle war. Americans are some of the unhealthiest people on the planet and the fact is, that level of illness is not purely circumstantial. We're doing this to ourselves. We’ve have done this to our children. This kind of ill-health doesn't happen overnight by any means. What we are dealing with is year and years of neglect, laziness and shirked emphasis placed on one area of life vs a combination of taking care of everything. We don't relish in our food - we eat it because we're hungry.

We don't enjoy moving or activity - unless someone else is doing it or unless we truly absolutely have to. We want so desperately to be successful and to make ends meet, to provide for ourselves and for our families that we've almost forgotten the fundamental rules that govern how our lives should be managed. Simply put, if you are sick, you cannot function. Yes, there are certain illness and accidents for which we cannot prepare and we truly just fall victim to but for the most part how we live our lives is very key to how we enjoy them as well. We place a lot of emphasis now on health and diet but not in the right way. We find ourselves starving ourselves and looking for solutions in drinks and pills. The fact is, these things are temporary and do not add to the quality of life we should be experiencing. In some ways, this dependency on pills and dieting is part of our very ruin. We need to revisit the prospect of moving, of exercising and specifically, playing sports.

When you visit websites like you can see the impact that sports plays in our culture, but usually it's primarily from a spectator's vantage. We need to go back to the old days of actually leaving the house and playing sports not just for the hell of it anymore, but because the health of ourselves and our families depend on it. Sports offer even more than just physical and health benefits, but they offer mental clarity and creative stimulation as well. Besides the aerobic and anaerobic physical benefits of losing weight, building muscle and increasing circulation, there is a very visceral psychological impact as well. People who play sports have better cognitive functions and are able to deal with technical situations in a much better capacity. Sports require concentration, vision, drive and the ability to work with and against others productively.

These are qualities that not only make the mind and body better but they improve the quality of life exponentially. Getting into sports is not that difficult. We're not suggesting that everyone aim for an Olympic dream (even though that would be nice!) but a simple consideration of leaving the home, turning off the television and playing basketball with the family or even going golfing, are all prospects you can try.


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