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Fire Department Connection thefts costly to property owners


August 21, 2012

A “Y” connector that has been vandalized.

On August 13 the Fire Department connection to the Walgreens store located at 718 - 91st Avenue NE was stolen.

The FDC is a “Y” connection that the fire department connects to in order to supply additional water to support the fire sprinkler system when the system is activated by a fire.

Further investigation of the theft also revealed additional thefts have occurred in the Frontier Village area at Blockbuster Video, Safeway, Bourne Orthodontics, and an attempted theft at the old Highway 9 Casino.

One of the “Y” connectors used by the fire department

This theft is very costly to the property owners. It is not just the replacement of the fitting, but the sprinkler systems must be back flushed to remove any foreign objects that may have entered the open pipe as well.

Cost of service and replacement can run between $1,500 and $2,000.

Lake Stevens Fire is currently working with Lake Stevens Police to investigate these events. It is suspected that the fittings are stolen to try to reclaim money in recycling the metal.

If you have any information about these thefts, please contact the Fire Marshal at 425-212-3042 or the Lake Stevens Police at 425-334-9537.


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