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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

A little kindness can go a long way


August 21, 2012

It’s true, we all know that showing someone a little kindness does go a long way. It not only serves the receiver but it also lightens the giver’s attitude and usually helps create a day full of smiles and peace.

It seems in the world today many of us are too busy to stop for a second and help someone in need, but this simple act can make the difference sometimes, between a bad or hurried day and that of calm and happiness.

Just this morning a sweet lady called the Journal and told my assistant how much she loved the paper. This simple phone call, that took all of three minutes, made everyone here at the office smile. It’s not often we get to hear something positive.

It seems that most people have no trouble sitting down and typing up an angry email or making a call to complain about something they don’t like, but for some reason making that effort to say something positive happens very rarely.

This is true at most places of business, especially those that serve the public.

I have seen and heard many complaints about the decisions that the city council and staff have had to make recently.

While I understand that everyone in this country has a right to their own opinion, and I am so grateful for that right, maybe once in a while we can say, ‘thanks for spending countless hours trying to do what you feel is best for the city.’

We, as citizens of this city, state and country, should always be willing to share our opinions as to what we feel should go on where we live, but showing appreciation for the work and time spent to resolve issues and make key decisions will help promote good relationships and a better place to live.

Last week a friend of mine celebrated her birthday and she asked all of her Facebook friends to perform a random act of kindness to help her celebrate.

She and her family decided they would commit several random acts of kindness themselves.

They went to Target and rounded up all of the loose shopping carts and placed them in the shopping cart stalls. They headed into Target and bought slushies and popcorn and then bought them for the people in line ahead of them as well.

They dropped off doughnuts to the Lake Stevens Fire Department on Chapel Hill Road and took coloring books and crayons to three waiting rooms at Providence Hospital.

They even put $1.75 in a plastic bag and taped it to the vending machine at the hospital with a note that said, “Random act of kindness, enjoy the drink!”

Their garbage man got a huge surprise when they ran cookies out to him as he was picking up the garbage on a warm summer day. Can you imagine how that made him feel?

While I am sure that all of those who received these acts of service were very grateful, her family was the true beneficiary! Her kids got to experience first-hand, what it feels like to perform service. These are memories they will hold forever.

I’m sure that many of those served also “paid it forward” and helped someone else out as well.

This small message on Facebook also spurred on dozens of her friends to perform a random act of kindness as well. Wow! Hundreds of people were probably affected that day!

So, next time you decide that you are fed up with something or someone, sit back and instead of lashing out in some way, do something nice for that person. It will change the way you feel!


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