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YOUR|LETTERS for August 22, 2012


August 21, 2012

Banning guns won’t stop mass murders

Dear Editor,

It sure seems that in this day and age of mass shootings occurring and dominating headlines across the country, many different emotions are felt. First shock, then sadness and finally anger takes over. Regardless of people’s opinions on gun control and the second amendment, the bottom line is that these types of senseless tragedies seem more commonplace than ever before.

I for one am all for the second amendment, and that is something that is sacred for me. I don’t think that if our lawmakers suddenly banned guns that these type of incidents will come to a halt. People will always find guns just like teenagers will always find alcohol. They will always be available, whether that is in a legal form or an illegal form.

The problem I have is the media that glorifies these monsters who commit these heinous acts. We turn these individuals into celebrities when in fact, they are not that at all.

America has a fascination with violence and has for a while.

Violent acts are depicted in our television programs and our movies. There is nothing wrong with that, because I believe the majority of the general public recognizes what is real and what is fake. But make no mistake about it, we have had numerous “copycat” killers over the years and the immense media coverage given to these people is a big part of it. Maybe if they start curbing the intense coverage of these types of crimes and quit glorifying them than these types of shootings can be cut down drastically.

Solutions on how to stop these mass shootings have been in abundance and that is a good thing. I have had conversations with people from many different walks of life. The one solution that I have heard that could possibly help, is instead of offering these no names protective custody because of the high-profile nature of these crimes, we speed up the sentencing in these cases.

If these types of people want to be protected while in custody, then the prosecution of these people should be sped up. We the taxpayers are the ones footing the bill for these terrible human beings, and we should have a say in this.

It is also not fair for innocent people to continue to lose their lives due to this type of violence.

I know that maybe I am offering a pipe dream, but sometimes drastic measures need to be taken. Make no mistake about it, violence attributed to guns has always been there but it seems to be at an all-time high.

Jeff Swanson


Friends of the Library thank community for support

Dear Editor,

The Lake Stevens Friends of the Library would like to thank everyone who supported our annual Aquafest Book Sale.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the book sale a success, and thank you to all those who purchased books, tapes and magazines.

Without you we couldn’t fund the many extra programs that the Lake Stevens Library provides for our community—preschool storytime, an elementary school book club, summer reading programs and many ongoing multi-cultural programs for all ages.

Thank you all!

Jan Lundquist

Lake Stevens


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