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August 31, 2012

Congress may now have the opening it needs to tax everything

Dear Editor,

The recent Supreme Court decision regarding Obama-Care has little to do with the enactment of this law and the “buyer mandate” and everything to do with the power of the Congress to enact taxes.

As I understand it, Justice Roberts identified the mandate that every citizen must buy insurance or pay a penalty as a tax, and under the U.S. Constitution, Congress has authority to enact taxes.

The Pandora’s Box opened with this decision is that the Supreme Court has granted unlimited authority now to the Congress to tax anything, everything, or even to place a tax on nothing. Now we can be taxed on what we do not buy, what I call a non-user tax.

Some scenarios to consider: medical care for smokers is expensive, so let’s raise taxes on cigarettes. Not enough money is raised so let’s penalty-tax those who don’t smoke. We need to pay for a new bridge so we’ll toll the bridge. Not enough money is raised, we'll just penalty-tax everyone that walks, drives or rides a bike for not using the bridge. Where does it stop with no controls?

Justice Roberts answered the question, in his Majority statement. He advised us that it is up to the voters to put in office those who will abide by their wishes. If we want out-of-control taxation, it will come if we keep putting in office those who will take advantage of a, now unfettered, ability to tax.

We must be careful who we vote for, we will get what’s coming to us.

Kerry Goodwin

Lake Stevens

Military family missing their American flag

Dear Editor,

This is a letter to the people of Lake Stevens, Snohomish and Granite Falls.

Both my wife and I served in the United States military. I served 20 years and my wife served 21 years. We both love this country and we proudly display our American flag at the end of our driveway which is on the Centennial Trail. We even have a light on it at night so that others may enjoy it after sunset.

However on Friday, August 17 it was stolen, we presume.

I just could not believe that another American would do this. I did not inform the police of this because I am just holding onto some hope that the person who took it will have some morals and ethics and that they will return it to where it was taken.

It does not bother me too much that they took from me. What bothers me is that they took my American Flag.

This is a flag that my wife and I sacrificed so much of our lives to defend and all that she represents. Just to have someone take advantage of the flag, my wife and I along with every other American Veteran.

So I ask you, my fellow Americans, that if you know who did this please ask them to return this great symbol to us.

Gary Boehme

Lake Stevens


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