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By William Walles
Hope Covenant Church 

Remember the anchor in your life


September 11, 2012

This past week I had the chance to reflect on some of the times I’ve gone rock climbing. Now, to be fair, I wouldn’t really call myself an expert at it.

Remember the scene of Tom Cruise free-climbing in Mission Impossible 2? Yeah, that’s not me. But I’ve done enough climbing in my life to know just how fun, and technical it really is.

If you’re going to do any type of serious climbing you need a fair amount of training and gear to make the climbs really safe and fun. And as you do that, you’ll learn the great importance of anchors.

An anchor in rock climbing has some similarities to a boat anchor, but with a different feel, and a very specific purpose. A good rock anchor is the thing that helps keep you from falling if you slip or stumble on your climb.

You can secure your anchor a variety of different ways, sometimes you can use preset anchors at the top of your climb, sometimes you put anchors in as you do your climb. But, the end result should always be the same.

If your lines are connected to your anchor, when that slip comes, you’ll be kept upright and safe.

So again, this past week I kept thinking about these anchors, and how we need them in all aspects of our life not just when we’re doing something like rock climbing. Because, as we have all learned, we’re going to slip and stumble in life.

In fact, we probably slip and stumble in life even more than we would on a rock wall. Sometimes we stumble because of obstacles in our way.

A challenge at work. A job loss. A relationship that turns sour. It can be anything. But whatever it is, it’s usually bad enough to where our life seems way off balance, and headed for disaster.

We’re sliding down a slope and we can’t stop ourselves on our own. We need an anchor. Not one that will hold us down. But one that will hold us up, and keep us from falling further.

That’s when we need an anchor. We need a real anchor then, too. One that will hold, one that will last no matter what comes. So, for those of us who consider ourselves Christians, we need the reminder that Jesus is our anchor. In fact, He is the one and only anchor that we really need.

Everyday no matter what terrain may be facing us, we have an anchor that will hold us up and keep us from falling, as long as we stay tied to Him.

There is nothing He hasn’t faced, and nothing that we will face, that He can’t handle. Jesus will hold us up, no matter what.

It’s such an easy thing to forget when we go about our normal day. We may think it’s going to be a regular day and forget there may be rocks ahead. We may need that anchor before we even realize it.

So that would be my encouragement to all of you on this day. Remember the anchor in your life that can hold you whenever you may stumble or fall. We all need one, and Jesus is the perfect anchor no matter the climb.


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