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September 11, 2012

Even though the summer is quickly coming to an end and both autumn and winter are in direct view, taking a family trip or weekend getaway can still be in the cards for you. One of the most fascinating places to visit before 2012 comes to a close is Lake Stevens in Washington. A charming area to visit with just your spouse or even with the entire family, if you do a little planning before hand, you can enjoy a semi-impromptu vacation to Lake Stevens in no time at all. One of the most primary focuses of the Lake Stevens visiting experience is the lake itself. Not just a body of water, you can take advantage of all the recreational activities that punctuate its shore lines. Another particularly enticing feature of the Lake Steven's experience is the variety of parks that are available for visitors and locals to frolic in. With resident bald eagles named George and Martha often being sighted at Eagle Ridge Park, this is just one example of the many natural appeals of Lake Stevens and why is it an excellent place for families, couples and even lone trekkers to enjoy a week or weekend away.

Now, while out of city and out of state visitors may relish in the opportunity to enjoy everything Lake Stevens has to offer, what about the locals? The entire stay-to-get away concept is that we should begin looking at our home cities and towns with fresh eyes, and not just stimulating our local economies but stimulating our minds and lives as well. Through reconnecting with our home, Lake Stevens, we are adding not only to our own lives but creating enriching experiences for our loved ones and families too. So whether you're far away or really close, why not pack things up for the fall or winter ( is an excellent storage service you can rely on to keep things safe while you're away, by the way) and round the family up for a Lake Stevens get away? Here are a couple things you can do while you're here:

It is a lake, after all…

So why not head there first? Expanding widely over a thousand acres, Lake Stevens itself is a sight to behold. Flanked by four parks that grant shore access along with additional amenities, you can enjoy days on the lake banks with your family in comfort. The Lundeen Park offers visitors a relaxing and fun swimming area complete with outdoor shower facilities, sheltered picnic areas and even bar-b-que grilling stations to get your cook on. Getting in on the lake front experience is easy when you observe the first come, first served basis but even if you don't get to overnight, make a delightful day trip to any of the parks and have fun!

Happy trails to you and yours!

Lake Stevens is surrounded by meandering parks and trails that are perfect for strolling, hiking, biking and even horse-back riding. The Centennial Trail is a favorite for locals and visitors alike and having a walk will bring you back to nature, refreshes your senses and even give you the opportunity to have a walk-and-sing-along with your trekking buddies.


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