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YOUR|LETTERS For September 12, 2012


September 11, 2012

Crosswalks need to be restriped for school kids

Dear Editor,

I know that Lake Stevens just spent a lot of money re-striping Lake Stevens but what I don’t understand is why they did not restripe all the sidewalk crossing lanes.

As I was taking my two young children to meet their teachers at Mount Pilchuck Elementary as we start off the 2012-2013 school year, we were almost hit by a motorist.

If you look at this crossing it does not look like there is a crosswalk there and I can see why we were almost hit by this car.

We need to make sure that this gets done right away due to school starting.

Not only do I want to make sure that my kids are safe but I really want to make sure that other kids in our wonderful town are safe as well.

Marcus Martinez

Lake Stevens

Dunshee’s statement shows disrespect

Dear Editor,

Does Hans Dunshee think he is better than us?

After reading the following quote from an email from Rep. Hans Dunshee to Adam Bartz (Washington State Redistricting Commission) regarding a map of the potential 44th District that was in the Tacoma News Tribune, Dunshee wrote “The GOP attempt is to make the district impossible to doorbell, just their kind of voter—isolated, ignorant, and lower income.”

Is this the same Hans Dunshee who received the “Working Class Hero” award from the Washington State Labor Council?

This quote shows that Hans Dunshee does not respect the citizens he was hired to represent and instead views himself as above us all.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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