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YOUR|LETTERS for September 19th, 2012


September 17, 2012

Good Samaritan eases loss of family dog

Dear Editor,

I write this public thank you with a very heavy heart.

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend our family suffered a tremendous loss. Our beloved Miniature Dachshund of 13 years ‘Peanut’ was struck and killed by a car in front of our house on East Lake Stevens Road while Mom and Dad were away.

She managed to work herself through a section of fence that I assumed she could never fit through. Old and near deaf I’m sure she knew not what hit her. We pray she went fast.

The thank you goes out to the good Samaritan who realized the impact this was going to have on a local family.

This person selflessly moved Peanut to the side of the road keeping her lifeless body from being mangled by passing cars and placing her where she could easily be found.

To this person our family is eternally grateful. This situation would have had a more horrible impact on our family had you not moved her.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Rosen Family

Lake Stevens

Porky’s Take-N-Bake Pizza thanks all who have helped

Dear Editor,

Porky’s Take-N-Bake Pizza in Lake Stevens would like to thank the following people who have been instrumental in helping us establish our new location.

Frank Granston; Tony and Denise; Jeff Block; Danny Hoyt; BJ the Painter; our Moms and Dads; Mick Pitt Whistle; Mike and Karen Mason; Ryan Blacker; Countryman Signs; Alexander Printing; Jeff Flauto; Chad Lacoursierre; Lake Stevens Journal; LS Jr. Cheerleaders; Apollo Signs; Jason the refrigerator guy; Jeanette Kirpes at Wells Fargo; Brandon, Russ, and James Loesse; The Taste Testers, Mike Aitken, Greg Lagerstrom, Tom and Buzz.

Joseph Sellars

Lake Stevens

This country needs a change for hard-working Americans

Dear Editor,

There is something that bothers me, since I am old enough to have lived in the period of the Great Depression.

President Roosevelt formed what was called the CCC, which at the time took me off the streets with one pair of pants, shoes cushioned with cardboard, no car, no money.

CCC gave me clothes, a bed, good food, medical care and a roof over my head. They provided all of this for labor that I provided for them.

Now we have a “so called” president named Barack Obama who lives in a beautiful house with hired help, the best food and clothing, a special plane to go on when he chooses that costs us taxpayers a lot of money to buy and maintain.

Now how can a man get up before large crowds of Americans and say this country is in good hands when I read in the news that people don’t have, or can’t find employment, no house to live in, and are going without food, starving in a great country like America.

We need a definite change of leadership in our so-called land of liberty and justice for all.

Russ Page

Granite Falls


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