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By William Walles
Contributing Writer 

God calls you ready or not


September 24, 2012

Are you a planner? I’ve noticed that many people in this world generally fall into two categories. There are the planners, and then there are the non-planners. And boy do they usually not mix well. If you’ve never been in a meeting with an equal numbers of planners and non-planners then you’re really missing out. The tension and sparks that fly are pretty entertaining, as long as you’re not in the middle of them!

However, truth be told, I think it’s harder and harder to find that “meeting” with those equal numbers because so many of us are planners. As much as we try to deny it, (No, really I can be totally spontaneous) the truth of it is we like to plan out as much of our lives as we possibly can control.

Not yet convinced? Think about where you were 5 years ago? Or maybe 10? Didn’t you have a plan that you laid out on what you wanted to have happen next? A job plan on where you wanted to go, or what you wanted to do. A school plan on what you wanted to take, and what degree you wanted to have. A financial plan on how much you wanted to save and what you wanted to spend. When it comes down to it, I believe the vast majority of us are bigger planners than we admit. We may not be as good at it as we’d like, we may not be as bad as others. But we are more often in that same boat.

Which can be a real challenge if you consider yourself a Christian, because we often find out that God’s plan and our plan rarely seem to mesh. We see this time and again in the Bible. God often has a plan for the people we read about, but that plan is far from the plan they were expecting. Abraham and Sarah didn’t have a plan that included children, let alone ancestors greater than the stars in the sky. Jonah didn’t have a plan that included Nineveh, nor a big fish detour along the way.

But that’s the funny thing about God’s plans. They come to us, He calls us to them, ready or not. Whether we were planning on His plan or not. We’ve all experienced this, our plans never seem to work out the way we expected. And it’s usually when we look back at our life that we can see how God’s plan called us to new things and unexpected paths. God’s plan, which usually comes when we least expect it, or are least ready for it, was also the best plan for our life. We just didn’t plan on it.

So, don’t give up on your plans, I don’t think that is God’s hope for us. Rather, see our plans as a rough draft, ready to be edited and changed by God’s plan. Now that’s a plan worth following.


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