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Wet paint on rural roads


September 25, 2012

On September 25, a contractor working for Snohomish County will begin applying 152 miles of striping along 38 miles of the following roads, in the following order. Caution is advised to avoid wet paint.

1. Ben Howard Road

2. Jordan Road

3. Pioneer Highway

4. 67th Ave NE

The striping operation will be on each road at three different times. The center lines will be striped on all of the roads first before moving on to the edge lines. This will prevent a shutdown on any of the roads, however there will be traffic delays in one direction when the striping machine is present.

A special paint is being used that requires 45 minutes of curing time. Traffic cannot be shifted across the wet paint line to the other travel lane, and will need to stay in line behind the striping machine.

The operation is highly weather dependent and will continue into mid November.

We will do our best to let you know which days to expect the striping work to move to each road. Preliminary information is that the crew will be working on each road for 2-3 days each time before moving on to the next road.


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