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October 1, 2012

This country needs a change for hard working Americans

Dear Editor,

There is something that bothers me, since I am old enough to have lived in the period of the Great Depression.

President Roosevelt formed what was called the CCC, which at the time took me off the streets with one pair of pants, shoes cushioned with cardboard, no car, no money.

CCC gave me clothes, a bed, good food, medical care and a roof over my head. They provided all of this for labor that I provided for them.

Now we have a “so called” president named Barack Obama who lives in a beautiful house with hired help, the best food and clothing, a special plane to go on when he chooses that costs us taxpayers a lot of money to buy and maintain.

Now how can a man get up before large crowds of Americans and say this country is in good hands when I read in the news that people don’t have, or can’t find employment, no house to live in, and are going without food starving in a great country like America.

We need a definite change of leadership in our so-called land of liberty and justice for all.

Russ Page

Granite Falls

Two-thirds vote to raise taxes is a common practice

Dear Editor,

Washington voters are being asked to vote once again on maintaining the law that requires two-thirds of the state legislature for any tax increase.

I say once again because we have voted this into law four other times (1993, 1998, 2007, and 2010).

There was a lawsuit put forth against the people by groups and individuals that believe the two-thirds majority is unconstitutional, so to end this debate once and for all the legislature should put this into the state constitution next year.

The two-thirds majority is not uncommon, sixteen states already have it in their constitution and it would stop this continual effort to go against the will of the people.

The Washington budget has a projected $1 billion budget shortfall for the 2013-15 biennium, even though there is a projected revenue growth of $1.5 billion.

Without a two-thirds vote restriction, the legislature is likely to raise taxes considerably instead of focusing on fundamental budget reform and restructuring state spending.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

Sanders best choice for Supreme Court Justice

Dear Editor,

As this year's election approaches, most of the attention in the news has been on the races at the top of the ticket, but I would like to highlight one near the bottom of the ballot: The State Supreme Court Justice.

Who we, as a state, elect as our new Supreme Court Justice can have as much effect in our daily lives as any other elected office.

Your readers should know that Richard Sanders is the best choice for the one contested Supreme Court seat.

Justice Sanders is a former State Supreme Court Justice and wishes to return in order to continue to defend our Constitutional rights.

While on the court he consistently interpreted the law as it was written and originally intended. He does not believe that the Constitution is flexible or open to revised interpretation. He has a record of interpreting individual rights broadly while narrowly interpreting the government's powers.

Having a member of the judiciary with such a strong understanding of our rights is a true rarity. Let's get him back on the bench. Please vote for Richard Sanders.

Bruce Morton

Lake Stevens


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