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October 9, 2012

Two-thirds vote for tax increase is unconstitutional

Dear Editor,

It still surprises me today when intelligent people write and spew the very thing that will destroy their rights and freedoms.

Growing up in America and the great public education I received taught me about democracy and diversity and how great our nation is because of tolerance, respect and free elections in which 51 percent is a majority, not 66.33333333 percent.

A two-thirds approval to raise any taxes is unconstitutional because it is not a majority, it is two-thirds. It’s simple math where I attended school. Hey, how about, for Mitt Romney to win the presidential election he must receive two-thirds of the popular vote or the incumbent, President Barack Obama wins. Sounds great doesn’t it.

Oh, almost forgot, that’s NOT democracy, just like Mr. Eyman’s proposed referendum.

Seems the writer doesn’t think Washington’s courts know what is or isn’t constitutional, four times, 1993, 1990, 2007, and 2010.

Douglass Colbert

Granite Falls

Didier has the experience to be Lands Commissioner

Dear Editor,

Our beautiful state of Washington has one of the largest amounts of public land in the nation. The responsibility to maintain those public lands and to regulate the farmland that is used to feed us falls on the hands of the state Lands Commissioner.

The Lands Commissioner is the head of the Department of Natural Resources and is responsible for one million acres of farmland, two million acres of forests, and 2.6 million acres of aquatic lands.

In the election this year, we have the opportunity to elect an experienced farmer and rancher to serve in this position: Clint Didier.

Didier will be a strong advocate for wise management of the land and will preserve our public spaces for future generations.

He will defend the land rights of ranchers and farmers, allowing them to be competitive in the global market while providing us the food we need. Please vote for Clint Didier.

Bruce Morton

Lake Stevens


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