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Lake Stevens Family Center’s Friend has helped thousands


November 5, 2012

Kathleen Friend accepting a certificate of recognition

at the 20 year anniversary of the Lake Stevens Family Center in September.

Lake Stevens Family Center Director Kathleen Friend began her career with Lutheran Community Services Northwest as a part-time volunteer and was asked to do a community assessment of Lake Stevens and determine the need of a Family Support Center.

Little did she know that her part-time volunteer gig would become a paid staff position in March of 2002.

Through the years Friend has taken her expertise in community building, marketing, relationship building, team building and overall loyalty to her community turning a small Family Center into the Lake Stevens Family Center that we see today.

Below are a few of the milestones:


2002 – 1 part-time volunteer – Kathleen

2012 – 5 paid staff – 1 intern and large scale volume of volunteers

2012 – 14 member Advisory Board

Unduplicated participants accessing the family center:

2002-2005 – 3,457

2006-2012 – 28,592

Volunteer Hours:

2002-2005 – 3,215

2006-2012 – 35,145

Three events in Lake Stevens have become signature events for Lake Stevens and hosted by the Lake Stevens Family Center:

National Night Out:

2002 – 344 attendees

2012 – 1800 attendees

Halloween Carnival:

2002 – 318 attendees

2012 – 1035 attendees

Christmas Giving Program:

2002 – 182

2011 – 1300

Friend has implemented two programs that have become considered ‘Best Practice’ for Family Support Centers of LCSNW and been instrumental in building capacity and sustainability for Lake Stevens Family Center:

Donor Recognition – Family Supportive Business program – Every business that supports the Lake Stevens Family Center receives a plaque to display in their business and a year tag every year that they support the Center.

Healthy Family Project – The Healthy Families Project addresses all areas of “Family Health” by implementing a project that consists of three major interwoven components that addresses: Family – Financial – and Physical health of families and provide those services within the community that participants live.

Opened new Outreach Site in 2012 in Granite Falls.


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