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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Elections brought out the worst in people


November 13, 2012

Thank goodness the elections are over! I am so fed up with the phone calls, political signs and especially political ads on television and even the radio!

It became so all consuming that even my kids came home from school, sick and tired of the political rhetoric—and none of them can even vote yet!

When I woke up Wednesday morning I was thrilled to think that now we can all move forward, no matter which way we voted, but I was sorely mistaken.

The Facebook and Twitter posts were disturbing to say the least and I thought we lived in a country where we should not feel threatened to voice our opinion.

I have read several news articles on the election results and scrolling through the comments afterwards I was ashamed to think that most of these folks were fellow Americans.

Reading of kids coming home from school being called racist because they liked Romney, while others were taunted because they like Obama—ideas that obviously came from their parents.

My biggest concern is that there are so many around the world that hate us only because we are Americans and yet within our own country, our own community, we are throwing hatred and ignorance around like it means nothing.

Many social media users are writing things that they would never dare to say in public, I’m assuming that they feel safe behind their computer screen. However, what those, who were throwing out slanderous remarks with no forethought, should remember is that hundreds of people are reading your words and they will never go away.

Even more sad are the posts that ended friendships. All of this over an election. It truly is a shame that we can’t be more tolerant of each other and see past our political differences.

I did read many comments that were positive and many attached scripture to their comments reminding us that God is in charge. I am so grateful that those people were willing to share their comments in the wake of such vial behavior.

I want to live in a country where I can express my opinion on the elections and not live in fear that I will be criticized or condemned because of them.

I’m hoping that is what each of you would hope for as well.


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