December 3, 2012 |

YOUR LETTERS- For December 2012

Election results may not really give what people want

Dear Editor,

As tired of the signs, commercials and things political as the next guy, I think we should stop to appreciate the magnitude of our recent election.

While our ailing economy cried out for fiscal leadership, we helped elect a president who has never worked in business or made a payroll over a man who, refused an inheritance, but still went on to become a multi-millionaire on the power of business acumen, hard work and good ol’ American determination—finding time to raise a house full of Eagle Scouts and be a helpful neighbor and civic leader!

Perhaps the absurdity of this election is why seven states have garnered enough signatures to petition for secession—and have done so! Symbolic, but telling.

Then, we “legalize” an initiative stifling, family damaging substance that was recently an “illicit drug,” with the proposal receiving endorsements from powerful people who often cited “dollars” as their motivation, ignoring documented negative ramifications.

Boeing may say they plan to keep their drug standards. But, stand by Boeing. Western Washington is tired of being less liberal than San Francisco. Thus, a law may soon force something less upon you; unless you take your jobs to another state. I remember, “Will the last person to leave Seattle, please turn off the lights?" Some apparently don’t.

Finally: for years, states have maintained that a child needs a mother AND a father, but in Washington State, we have decided to kick logic, human decency and centuries of cultural history to the curb for the purpose of winning friends, votes and maintaining power.

Thus, the needs of the children have been supplanted by the need to pander to the perverse.

The folks back East may have their “Triple Crown” but, here in Washington, this election has given us our own Trifecta!

Bill Cook

Lake Stevens

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