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Home Grown Teachers - Part 10


December 10, 2012

Jesse Bloomberg

Academic Intervention Counselor & English Teacher

From Bothell, to Taiwan, to Arlington, to South Korea, and back to Lake Stevens – Jesse Bloomberg’s path back to his home town has been an interesting one to say the least. He was lucky enough to combine his two passions, traveling and teaching, together to make quite an amazing journey.

Bloomberg grew up in Lake Stevens and attended Lake Schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. While he was at the High School, his favorite classes were art with Mr. Anderson and current world issues with Mr. Iverson. After he graduated in 1994, Bloomberg went on to study at Eastern Washington University where he received his bachelor’s degree in counseling and educational developmental psychology in 2002.

After completing his degree, Bloomberg began teaching in the Bothell School District and then went to teach English in Taiwan for two years. He returned back to Washington and taught in the Arlington High School for a year before going back overseas to teach at a university in South Korea. His teaching career at Lake Stevens High School began in 2010.

Today, Bloomberg teaches sophomore English and is the academic intervention counselor. When asked what he likes about teaching in the Lake Stevens School district, he shared that there is a great sense of community among the staff and students at the High School. “It’s not a student vs. the teachers situation, I feel like we all get along and have a good time and there is a lot of mutual respect,” Bloomberg shared.

Bloomberg explained that his time as a student at the High School was very positive and that is what made him want to come back to teach here. He also expressed that he has always been proud of his hometown, “I have always had a strong connection to the town of Lake Stevens, even when I went off to college I was very proud of where I was from,” Bloomberg recalled.

Randi Olson - Math Teacher

Since she was in elementary school, Randi Olson has known she wanted to be a teacher. She also knew she wanted to come back to teach in Lake Stevens but didn’t expect it would be this soon. In her first full-time teaching position, Olson teaches geometry and a senior collection of evidence class at Lake Stevens High School where she graduated from just six years ago in 2006.

Olson grew up in Lake Stevens and attended Lake Stevens Schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. When she was at Lake Stevens Middle Schools, she fell in love with mathematics. Her math teacher, Mrs. McGuire, was one of her inspirations to become a math teacher. “She just made math very fun and very energetic,” Olson shared. Mrs. Ormsby and Ms. Kotlarov were two other teachers who had an influence on her decision to teach.

In her junior and senior years of High School, Olson was a cheerleader and this passion continued into college where she cheered for Western Washington University. At Western, Olson earned her bachelor’s degree in secondary education in mathematics. After she graduated, she was a substitute in the district and held two long-term sub positions at North Lake Middle School. She then accepted her teaching position at Lake Stevens High School.

When asked what she thought about working with teachers she had in the past she explained that she loves it. “It’s so nice having people that you know and feeling comfortable and feeling supported,” Olson said. She explained that the whole staff at the High School has been amazingly supportive of her and made the transition as new teacher much easier.

Not only is Olson a full-time teacher, but her love of cheerleading continues as she is head coach of the high school’s cheer team.

Joel Jerde - Math Teacher

When Joel Jerde was in High School, he didn’t plan on becoming a teacher. It wasn’t until his math class with Mr. Allinson that he started to change his mind. “I learned about how much fun you can have teaching math, just enjoying the subject and making that flash over to the kids,” Jerde described.

Having gone to Lake Schools his whole life, Jerde had many teachers that were his favorite including his second grade teacher Ms. Super, his 8th grade teacher Mr. Linus and in High School he enjoyed Mrs. Aubul’s chemistry class. In 2007, Jerde graduated from Lake Stevens High School. He continued his studies at Everett Community College and then transferred to Central Washington University where he received his bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics in 2011.

Jerde is a new teacher this year at Lake Stevens High School where he teaches one section of geometry and is a fulltime substitute. He likes working in Lake Stevens because of the positive community and school environment. He also really loves working with the teachers that inspired him to become an educator.

Being a substitute gives Jerde the opportunity to work with an unlimited number of students and one thing that he tries to impart on them is the joy of education. “Learning is exciting and you should enjoy it if you can,” he shared.

Jerde is also committed to athletics in Lake Schools. He is currently a coach for the boys swim team at the High School and in the spring is the hurdles coach on the Cavelero track and field team.

Hanna Hermes - English Teacher

Fresh out of college, Hanna Hermes is one of the newest additions to Lake Stevens High School staff. Although this is her first year teaching, she has an air of confidence, authority and an overall excitement for teaching that is present when she interacts with her students.

Hermes began attending Lake Schools when she was in seventh grade. During school, English was always her passion. “I like English because it explores a lot of subjects and skills that I think are very vital to life after high school,” Hermes said.

In 2008, Hermes graduated from Lake Stevens High School and continued her studies at Pacific Lutheran University. When she started college, Hermes wanted to do many different jobs and soon realized that being a teacher would encompass everything that she was interested in. Hermes graduated with her bachelor’s degree in secondary education in language arts and English in 2012.

This year, Hermes is teaching three sections of English 10 and couldn’t be happier. When asked what she likes best about teaching in the Lake Stevens School District she responded by explaining how she enjoys the tight-knit community feel of Lake Stevens. Hermes also shared that she enjoys being part of the English department at the High School. “The English department is doing a lot of really great things to move forward with the new curriculum and standards,” Hermes stated.

Hermes’ decision to become an educator was highly influenced by her mother, Kathy Hermes, who is a teacher at Lake Stevens Middle School. She also thanks her dad for being supportive of her education.


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