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Lake Stevens hits a season high level


January 2, 2013

This year we have experienced some pretty intense weather, starting the year with snow, followed by a very wet spring, and ending with an even wetter fall and winter. The Lake Stevens’ area is seeing a heavy amount of rain fall which has resulted in some localized flooding and high lake levels. By mid December, the lake reached a year high elevation level of 212.75.

The intense rain volume, which is impacting most of western Snohomish County region, is causing the water table to rise and the ground is becoming saturated. This raises concerns of falling trees when strong winds or snow is predicted. The high water table also releases water into the lake keeping the lake level high even when the rain fall slows down.

During the summer months, the City controls the elevation of the lake with a weir located at the north east corner of the lake. The weir control was removed by the end of September and the outfall has been flowing naturally since that time. The City does perform inspections of the outfall to ensure it is not blocked from fallen trees and debris. For the lake elevation, it is a matter of the weather giving a break in the rainfall that will get the level down.

In addition to the lake level, there can be of localized flooding occurring and the City staff works to be proactive in finding these areas and resolving the problem when possible. Please pay attention to “Water over the roadway” signs and take alternative routes when possible.


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