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Your letters for January 2, 2013


January 2, 2013

Waiting for reply from City Council

Dear Editor,

For those of you who read or have read the comments in the Letters to the Editor you will remember our protest to the city council stopping us from having garage sales and that we met with the city council last June and the mayor said, “We must remember to get back to Mr. Worley on this.” That was in June 2012.

So far, I have not heard from any member of the elected council. They are still standing between us and trying to help people, I feel they are still procrastinating on an answer.

Well I for one will remember the red tape and stalling this city council has done.

It seems that they, along with the city manager’s office and planning office, keep putting up a blockade and stalling and as far as this writer’s concerned they need to be replaced by someone who actually cares about the people of this city and not their political careers.

We know there is at least one person in Lake Stevens that complained about us having garage sales once a month and maybe it does offend someone that we are actually trying to help people who have lost everything. But we are the fortunate, the ones who have a nice warm house to come home to, food to eat, and a nice warm bed to sleep in.

God bless you!

John Worley

Lake Stevens

Students a huge help in feeding the hungry

Dear Editor,

This letter is to thank the students at Granite Falls High School and Mountain Way Elementary School for their amazing holiday food drive and the incredible amount of food they collected. Happily, it took many hours and many volunteers to load, unload, and organize the shelves in our food bank thanks to your donations.

We also want to thank Lake Stevens Albertsons and the Lake Stevens Haggen stores for their continuing donations throughout the year and to the Granite Falls IGA for its more than generous donation.

Our community blesses so many in need and our food bank would not continue without our local support. We are so appreciative of everyone—students, community, local grocers, and volunteers! Thank you all!

Michael Touchette,

Food Bank Coordinator

Granite Falls Father’s House Church


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