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Washington State PTA begins new partnership


January 7, 2013

Washington State PTA and the Washington-based Owner/Operators of McDonald’s franchises have entered into a partnership agreement for 2013, continuing McDonald’s commitment to education.

The overall goal in this partnership is for the over 40 local McDonald’s Owner/Operators to support the public school system and improve its resources, while educating the public on the changes they have made to their menu towards more balanced options.

Recognizing the power behind a brand like McDonald’s, one can see the value in this collaboration. Local Owner/Operators can support their community and its school system while the WSPTA can engage in more important matters – like providing their educators, parents and students with the tools they need to succeed.

“By the local McDonald’s owners sponsoring the WSPTA, we are given an opportunity to ease the burden on our local chapters, in-turn, allowing them to put their resources back into the system.” – Bill Williams, Executive Director, WSPTA

Both the locally owned McDonald’s restaurants and the WSPTA touch every corner of the state. This partnership merges two powerful entities and allows the WSPTA to generate more opportunities for local PTA activation.

Williams adds – “We see this partnership as another opportunity to embrace their continued support for our local schools and communities. Not only do the Owner/Operators support our cause statewide, for years they have provided our PTAs the ability to conduct a variety of events at their restaurants.”

The local McDonald’s Owner/Operators have a sense of obligation when it comes to protecting education.

“We understand the importance of maintaining statewide quality education and believe it is our duty to be a reliable resource to our school teachers, parents and students alike. Whether it’s hosting a McTeacher's Night school fundraiser, participating in WSPTA events or having conversations with our neighbors on nutrition and a balanced diet – a great opportunity exists for our local owners to be a valuable support channel to our community and its schools." – Stan Pennock, President, McDonald’s Washington State Owners Association

Additionally, by creating this relationship with the WSPTA, the local McDonald’s owners are welcoming an open dialogue regarding perceptions about their menu. Showcasing their continued effort in offering more nutritious, wholesome and balanced choices.

The partnership between the McDonald’s Washington State Owners Association and the Washington State Parent and Teachers Association took effect in late November and will be presenting communities with engaging opportunities throughout the first half of 2013.


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