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Irresponsible gunowner causes property damamge

Dear Editor,

On New Year’s Eve my garage was hit by a bullet. This happened at my house in the Hobday Ranch area.

The bullet came from north of me, came from a high angle and passed over my RV, missed my wife’s Escape by inches and impacted my garage with enough force to punch a nice size hole in the lower panel of the garage door and missed my new Mustang, by inches, that was in the garage.

The bullet was found and turned over to the Sheriff’s office for trace.

The stupid gun owner probably had a few too many and decided to pop a few rounds off and damaged my house.

I hope the bullet traces back to the owner so that they can pay for the damage they did.

When firing a weapon in the air the triggerman has no clue where that stray bullet landed. He/she is very lucky no one was killed. There are kids around here.

Gunowners like this don’t deserve to own a weapon.

John A. Nordin

Lake Stevens

Sewer rates continue to rise in bad economy

Dear Editor,

Since we moved here our sewer bill has gone up from $25 to over $75 a month, Lake Stevens Sewer is an unknown entity of great power.

What will they say, we can’t flush our toilets if we don’t pay? Would they want us to just use the sidewalks and streets?

I, for one, am tired of the Sewer department just arbitrarily raising our rates with no control. Even the PUD has to ask for a rate increase.

Does Lake Stevens Sewer think they can just raise our rates when they wish?

In this economy where so many are unemployed you would think that companies like Lake Stevens Sewer would not raise our rates, of course they (the people who run it) probably voted for the one who raised our taxes on people who do work, instead of supplying employment for those who don’t.

Once when we did not pay they said, “We are a lean-able company.” We the people are tired of the bullying and almost mob mentality of the Sewer Department.

Of course now that I have written this they might shut off my sewer. So if you smell something, well we tried.

John Worley

Lake Stevens

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