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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Monte Cristo students write to President Obama


January 28, 2013

Monte Cristo students Emily Cleland and Skyler Voyles show off their letters to President Obama. - Photo by Pam Stevens

If you had the opportunity to write to the President of the United States, what would you tell him?

Dozens of students at Monte Cristo Elementary School got their chance to send the President advice and best wishes through a program called “Mail to the Chief” which is part of a writing curriculum of the Handwriting Without Tears program.

Julie Dickson’s third grade class and Debra Howell’s fourth-sixth grade class spent a few days brainstorming different ideas to share with the President as he begins his second term in office.

“I have been using this program for many years,” teacher Julie Dickson said. “We had done this whole thing about the elections in November and this was a great continuation of that. I also thought they would have fun doing this.”

Students were required to use their best handwriting and to give the President some advice using detailed descriptions.

“We talked about what advice was and the difference between good and bad advice,” Dickson explained.

Students were excited about the opportunity to share important information with the President.

Skyler Voyles, 9, asked, “Can you please arrest those who hurt us,” and “please let children get money at school.”

Skyler feels that the President should ensure that students get paid $50 a day for coming to school.

“The money could be used for food, presents for the kids for birthdays and Christmas,” he said. He also stated that ‘bullies and bad guys’ should be arrested.

Nine-year-old Abby Beaten wanted to make sure that President Obama was considering all of the people in the world, not just Americans.

“I hope that as President you can help the families in Africa to have enough food to survive,” she wrote.

“I was so excited to write this letter. I hope he will take some of the things that I wrote under consideration,” she said.

Many of the students were concerned about the war in Afghanistan and wanted the President to stop it and bring the troops home.

“I want to tell you some future advice,” wrote 10-year-old Emily Cleland. “Maybe try to stop all wars and give more funds for people who need money.” Emily also begged the President, “Do not lie. Have hope in your people. Be the best President ever!!”

The environment has been on the mind of 8-year-old Eryn Joyce since second grade when she learned the importance of the oxygen we receive from trees.

“I think when you cut down a tree plant two more in its place because trees make oxygen for breathing,” she wrote the President.

Kiana Ronne, 8, is very concerned about gas prices and the way they are affecting struggling families.

“I asked him to lower gas prices and some things are too expensive,” she explained. “My grandma and my mom have been complaining because gas prices are too high and they are complaining on the news too.

“I think you should put down gas prices because people are going crazy and getting kind of mad,” Kiana wrote. “If you want your job better, please take this advice.”

All of the students hope to receive a letter back from the President.

“He doesn’t have to take my advice but I really want him to,” Kiana said. “I’d like him to send a letter back.”

Over 14,000 students nationwide mailed letters to the President through the ‘Mail to the Chief” handwriting program.


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