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YOUR LETTERS for February 2013


January 28, 2013

Statement from the Pilchuck Foundation of Granite Falls

Dear Editor,

The Pilchuck Foundation is a local, non-profit community supported foundation established in 2011 with one purpose: to strengthen and support public safety in Granite Falls.

Our approach augments public funding to our local fire department and police department for the testing, training, and support of emergency services personnel and equipment. We also have a scholarship program to assist graduating seniors interested in pursuing a fire service or law enforcement career.

Right now, we are focused on a specific fundraising goal: to help the Granite Falls Police Department pay for unfunded training, technology, and equipment.

People who contribute to the ‘We Pledge Our Support’ campaign are helping to keep Granite Falls police officers safe, well trained and well equipped to protect and serve. Thanks to those who have already pledged or donated, we have reached $30,000 toward our three-year goal of $450,000.

We truly appreciate all contributions given. However, we politely ask that people refrain from making reference to the Pilchuck Foundation, its Board members, or contributors in any way that might suggest the Foundation endorses any particular political or legal or promotional agenda. We are by our very nature apolitical, and committed to staying so.

We also promise that contributions made to the ‘We Pledge Our Support’ campaign will benefit our police.

There are other local worthy causes we have been approached to support, like a youth center, sports programs, promoting our city, and so on. But the Pilchuck Foundation exists and works solely to help keep Granite Falls a safe place to live, work, learn, and play.

Please consider pledging your support today.

Catherine Anderson, President

Pilchuck Foundation

Weapons ban won’t stop gun violence

Dear Editor,

Connecticut reminded us that the world can be a violent place and the violence can have no meaning but we cannot allow this tragedy to cause panic that changes our rights and freedoms.

There are some, especially lawmakers, that want to propose various gun control laws but each of them would not have stopped this crime or keep us safer. In the last 20-years violent crime—and violent crime using guns has dropped by nearly fifty percent.

Mass shootings are not increasing, they actually peaked in 1929. In schools, the rate of theft dropped from 101 per thousand students in 1992 to only 18 in 2010 and violent crime went from 53 per thousand to 14.

An assault weapons ban would also do nothing to change gun violence. If a criminal wants a gun, they will find a way to get one. We cannot stop the illegal shipment of drugs and human beings across the border, what makes us think that illegal weapons could be stopped?

We need not move forward with emotion but with reason, it is hard to do with our 24/7 news cycle and politicians that desire the limelight but we must to ensure our freedoms now and for future generations.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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