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Lake Stevens Fire teaches falls prevention through Risk Watch


January 29, 2013

Lake Stevens Fire Public Educator Jennye Cooper visited elementary

schools to help educate about fall prevention.

Lake Stevens Fire continues its Risk Watch education in the elementary schools within the fire district boundaries for the month of January with a focus on preventing injuries caused by falls.

In 2012, Lake Stevens Fire responded to 354 calls involving injuries caused by falls. The majority of people affected were children under the age of 12 and older adults.

The falls prevention focus of Risk Watch teaches children where falls could potentially occur and behavior they could adopt that could prevent falls. Children are taught “safety rules” to stay away from open windows, avoid playing on stairs and escalators, taking turns on playground equipment, and playing on “soft” surfaces such as mulch and wood chip areas on the playground.

Public Educator Jennye Cooper commented, “Falls are one of the top leading causes of injury for children. I hope to see the number of falls cases decrease because children are following the ‘safety rules’ we teach them through Risk Watch.”

The following additional tips will help prevent falls:

• Make sure walking areas are free of tripping hazards.

• Salt or sand frozen walkways around your home.

• Line bathtubs and showers with no-slip strips.

• Make sure hallways and walkways are lit at night time with the use of night lights.

• Wear sturdy, well-fitting shoes.

• Get up slowly after sitting or lying down.

• Make sure young children and babies cannot lean against windows. Window screens were meant to keep bugs out, not people in.

• Supervise young children at playgrounds and parks.

• Throw rugs should have grip-pads under them to prevent slippage.

• Use handrails when climbing stairs.

Lake Stevens Fire wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year!


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