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January 29, 2013

17th Amendment should be looked at more closely

Dear Editor,

After passage of I-502, what still lingers is whether the federal government will attempt to legally stop it’s enactment or raid stores, growers, and distributors after the system is put into operation.

The Governor and State Attorney General both went to Washington D.C ., while there met with U.S. Attorney General Holder regarding Washington’s marijuana law and whether the federal government will uphold it’s own laws.

I ponder on why our U.S. Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, have put forth no legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana.

The Constitution originally required state legislatures to appoint U.S. Senators and the people elect the House of Representatives, this would allow for the state and people to each have a voice in D.C.

The 17th Amendment to the Constitution, which requires election of U.S. Senators to be a vote of the people, ended the state’s representation at the federal level and its unintended consequences are demonstrated here.

Our Senators do not need to be held accountable to the State Legislature and therefore need not to work on behalf of the state’s needs.

Also for those that want massive money out of politics, repealing the 17th Amendment would be a great step. Senators are more loyal to the huge donors, these donors could never disperse enough cash in State Legislatures to properly affect appointments as they do elections now.

It is time for a discussion on the 17th Amendment and it’s negative impact on our laws and politics on a whole.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

B&G Club gets winter facelift

Dear Editor,

The Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club’s gymnasium received a fresh coat of paint over the holiday break by a group of hardworking volunteers.

A big “Thank you” to the Snohomish Home Depot and Behr Paint for their generous donations.

A special “Thank you” to Blain and Mark for their hard work. And I can’t thank enough my two boys, Zachary and Bobby for the hours of hard work they put in.

Jim Shields

Lake Stevens

City Council was an enlightening experience

Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for allowing Troop 43 of Lake Stevens to attend the City Council Meeting on Monday night, Jan. 14, 2013.

My name is Jacob, I am a First Class Scout working on my Communications Badge, and I am 13 years old. I learned a lot from attending the meeting about aerating the lake, an alum treatment plan, the high levels of phosphorus, and how to keep our lake clean.

I also enjoyed listening to the Council make decisions that affect the City.

One particular subject that I wanted to comment on was the proposal to finish the construction on 20th SE in Lake Stevens.

I am concerned about the cost for the homeowner along that street and the one bid that was mentioned to move the overhead powerlines underground was up to $30,000.

I hope that a more conservative plan is approved that won’t affect families’ debts.

Jacob Baughman

Lake Stevens


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