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Run Toward


February 5, 2013


While all branches of our United States military should be honored and revered highly, the Marines are commonly referred to as “The Tip of the Spear”. Their boot camp is more intense, the demands they place upon themselves both physically and emotionally are to a greater degree, and their task is to be first in and last out of a conflict.

As our son served in the Marine Corps I learned how its troops were taught to run toward gunfire. As a mother I was mortified by such training! My only experience remotely similar was watching news events in which traumas occurred and those involved ran away from the danger as a few heroic souls ran toward the problem in an attempt to overcome it.

It is our natural instinct to fear danger and remove ourselves from hazardous situations. However, life threatening scenarios are sometimes unavoidable. The Bible instructs us to “Be strong and courageous; do not be terrified and do not be dismayed. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

I am thankful that this verse not only tells us what our reaction should be but the reason for such a lack of fear- which is the presence of God. Christians should know what martyrs show—that there is no scenario that threatens their eternal life, given through Christ Jesus.

Running toward has other applications spiritually. We need to run toward God with our questions. God’s Word is filled with His people crying out to Him when life doesn’t make sense. He already knows our doubts and is capable of comforting us and displaying His trustworthiness. Other times we are confused and in need of truth. Run toward the truth outlined in the holy scriptures.

It is also critical that we run toward God’s family when we are having troubles. Often people are tempted to wrongly withdraw and isolate themselves. Just as a lone animal becomes prey, so do we—if we chose this path.

Recently my friend had employment issues and was upset about her work situation. She became depressed and did not want to attend an upcoming Christian event. With encouragement she chose to go and left the meeting uplifted by words of encouragement from her friends as well as their prayers for her. The following week her job situation completely turned around.

She had run toward God’s family and witnessed the positive results in her life. The church and its members are there to support the hurting and those in need of healing. Run toward its doors!


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