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YOUR | LETTERS February 6, 2013


February 5, 2013

Encourage legislators to support SB 5156

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to have just learned that if a minor wishes to have an abortion they are not required to have parent permission, the parent doesn’t even have to be notified.

I found this by reading Senate Bill 5156 that was introduced in the Washington State Legislature.

I was amazed that a medical procedure could be performed on a minor without parent permission or at least parental notification. I know of no other medical procedures that a child can have without parental permission, so I am perplexed by the people who are against this law.

Whether you are for or against “Choice”, this is about Parental Notification. What if there is a medical emergency during the procedure or if the child has emotional issues after the abortion, how will the parents know how to deal with the issues if they don’t even know what has happened.

As a parent, I am morally and legally responsible for my kids, fighting this bill is taking away parental rights (responsibilities).

Please inform our State Senator (Steve Hobbs) and House Representatives (Mike Hope and Hans Dunshee) that they should support this bill.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


Yes, it IS a big deal

Dear Editor,

One day recently, five people were injured at “three different gun shows” — as opposed to three of the same, I suppose. With senate hearings going on, that should have put the last nail in the coffin for the “gun rights” gang. At least it would have if the opportunistic media had its way.

From a practical standpoint, however, a different picture emerges than that sought by those who champ the bits to invalidate our rights, insinuating gun violence is caused by guns, instead of those who pull their triggers — that being tantamount to blaming pencils for spelling errors.

While no one was fatally injured — and the shows were stronger than ever the following day — we should note that two people die daily on our highways. In addition, Stanford medical authorities state 753 children report to the emergency room daily because of bicycle injuries. Shall we ban bikes or demonize merchants who sell them?

The reality? Bad things happen to good people: with guns, skateboards, bikes, baseballs, rain gutters and ski poles. We don’t need guns “controlled” nearly as much as we need help for the mentally and emotionally disturbed and much stronger penalties and restrictions for those who are found in possession of a firearm while committing a crime — criminal control.

This country was won with firearms and helped save much of the free world from tyranny with them. Disarming America — the unabashed agenda of some — would only make it easier for the enemies of freedom who want America disarmed. Tyrants who would kill our families and torch our homes don’t subscribe to traditional American values.

Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s most respected “Liberal” said: “An armed man is a citizen; an unarmed man is a subject.” Did he know something we’ve forgotten, or did he just care more? Thanks for the Constitution, Tom!

Bill Cook

Lake Stevens


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