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YOUR | LETTERS February 13, 2013


February 12, 2013

Gun control legislation wastes time and money

Dear Editor,

First, I would like to share with you my cure for the so called Gun Show Loophole.

If our government would require gun shows to do what the Washington Arms Collectors do for the Monroe and Puyallup shows it would take care of everyone’s concern about criminals buying guns at gun shows.

I have been a member of Washington Arms Collectors for about 30 years. The only people who can buy a gun are members of the club. To be a member you have to have a concealed weapons permit.

This means you have already had a background check. We also can do a background check at the show when you apply for membership. We have security and they are good at their job.

Occasionally they catch people who don’t follow the rules. I have never known of a gun purchased at one of our shows that was used in a crime.

The assault gun and high capacity magazine ban when Clinton was in office did nothing to stop criminals. This is one reason our legislators didn’t renew it.

One of my concerns is if I’m attacked by someone that has an assault rifle with a 30 or 20 round magazine and I’m only allowed to have a 10 round magazine I’m at a big disadvantage.

You hear on the news the anti-gun people say no one should own a military style weapon, you can’t hunt with them, not true, in most states you can hunt small game and varmints like rabbits and squirrels and prairie dogs.

I have a lot of fun going to the range and punching holes in paper targets, or going out in the desert and blasting pop cans with my assault rifle. Try it sometime.

I just want our government to stop posturing for votes with useless legislation that wastes time and money.

Joe Ashhead

Lake Stevens

Legislature should realize constituents want 2/3 majority

Dear Editor,

SJR-8200 would add the 2/3 majority requirement in the legislature to raise or institute taxes to the State Constitution. The voters have chosen on five separate occasions to require the State Legislature to not raise or create taxes unless they had a super-majority (2/3).

We have to continually reaffirm this requirement because after two years an Initiative can be set aside by the Legislature.

Obviously the voters want this requirement and it is time for the Legislature to give the voters the option in 2013 to make it an amendment and therefore permanent.

The last initiative (I-1185) passed with 64 percent of the vote, passed each county, and all but five legislative districts. The voters have spoken and spoken loudly to this point.

Please tell our State Representatives and Senator to support SJR-8200.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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