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YOUR | LETTERS February 20, 2013


February 19, 2013

Parent involvement in education makes huge difference

Dear Editor,

The President said in the “State of the Union” that we should have free pre-school and that will make a huge positive impact on education but his own Department of Education doesn’t see it that way.

A DOE study “Head Start Impact Study Final Report” from January 2010, the conclusion was “the advantages children gained during their Head Start and age four years yielded only a few statistically significant differences in outcomes at the end of first grade from the sample as a whole.”

Another study by Department of Health and Human Services found big vocabulary and social development gains for at-risk students in pre-kindergarten programs also found those effects largely faded by the time pupils reached third grade.

We now have 45 years of experience with, and two top-quality randomized studies of, the national Head Start pre-school program, and the results are disappointing.

Head Start was meant to close the gap in student achievement between the children of advantaged and disadvantaged families.

We have spent about $200 billion on early learning programs with no lasting benefit, continuing down this course is not going to help children. Other studies show that involved parents are the best way to improve lasting educational development of our children.

If you take as much part of your child’s education, use life experiences to teach, and show them pride in learning then they will follow your example.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

VOA thanks community for help

Dear Editor,

We want to thank the amazing people who helped us provide holiday food and gifts to 1,700 local families (about 2,200 people in all) this holiday season.

The need in the community was tremendous, even overwhelming—and yet, through so much generosity on the part of individuals, families, schools, churches, and other organizations, we were able to serve a large number of families in need.

We especially want to acknowledge the groups that adopted 20 or more families, making a difference in so many lives. Four groups each adopted over 100 households from Thanksgiving through Christmas: Cascade High School (162), Advent Lutheran Church (162), Everett High School (151), and Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (100).

Several other groups adopted at least 20 households: Central Lutheran Church, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Snohomish High School, and Delta Community Baptist Church.

We wish we could thank each and every donor by name, but there are simply too many— and that is a wonderful problem to have! On behalf of all the families who were able to celebrate the holidays with a special meal and some gifts, THANK YOU for the difference you made.

Phil Smith, President/CEO

Volunteers of America Western Washington

L.S. Police Department officers should have been handled differently

Dear Editor:

The city’s handling of the subject (Wellington and Warbis) officers is a joke.

If it were in the private sector they would have been canned ASAP.

Al Bayha

Lake Stevens


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