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Local Wine Tasting Extravaganza


February 25, 2013

Outdoor Youth Connections (OYC) is passionate about connecting and empowering underserved youth with outdoor adventures. We provide financial support for outdoor recreation and education that encourages love and respect for nature, leadership and community involvement. Founded in honor of former Lake Stevens resident Larry Ingalls to promote his legacy for youth “to revel in the accomplishment…” and reap the same joy from the outdoors that he valued so much. OYC gives financial support to individuals, groups and organizations that support outdoor youth. Please visit our website for more information about Outdoor Youth Connections and the youth we’ve helped since 2007.

“I can truthfully say that my experience has been all I hoped for and more. I was expecting a fun camping trip but what Igot was invaluable lessons and irreplaceable friendships, both of which will stick with me throughout my lifetime. I experienced the beauty of nature firsthand while learning about its fragility...I also learned ways to reduce my impact on nature, both while camping, hiking and while at home. Perhaps most importantly, I learned to care. I’ve always known that we’re all supposed to be “eco-friendly.” But it wasn’t until this trip that I started totake this idea personally. It finally hit me just how crucial it is that I consider the potential harm that even my daily activities can have on the world around me.” -Laura Gillespie, 12th grade, Seattle, WA –Participant in the North Cascades Wild Program 2011.


Reader Comments


ArrowAtRest writes:

Outdoor Youth Connections does wonderful work and our annual auction fundraiser is always well received. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not totally unbiased! But, without hesitation, I can say that as much satisfaction as I get from serving on the OYC Board, I definitely have moments of wishing I wasn't just so I could relax and enjoy the good wine, good food, and good company at one of our events. Please tune in to www.OutdoorYouthConnections for learn about our next fundraiser.